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Isonzo fourth expansion Piana launches free

isonzo the fourth free game expansion piana launches on linux mac windows pc

Isonzo the fourth free game expansion Piana launches on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to BlackMill Games and M2H for their relentless dedication and hard work. The base title is available with a big discount on Steam and Humble Store.

Imagine a peak, a symbol of conflict during the Great War, known as Monte Piana. This mountain, historically, was a tug of war battleground, with no side truly claiming it as their own. Now, as we approach the one-year mark of Isonzo, players are given a unique chance. With the release of the free expansion, you can step into the shoes of a soldier. Due to attempt a feat that history claims no one could achieve.

This expansion is free and is supported on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC platforms. If you’ve been keeping up with Isonzo, you might be familiar with the Caporetto expansion. This is another free update that was made available earlier. Fans who have an interest in customizing the appearance of their soldiers to suit cold, mountainous terrains. You can also now add the Isonzo Glacial Units Pack to their Steam Wishlist.

Monte Piana is not just a simple battlefield. It comprised two neighboring peaks where Italian and Austro-Hungarian forces faced off. Their positions were so close that the tension in the air was palpable. The Austro Hungarian forces made a move, capturing both vital plateaus. While nearly pushing the Italians off the mountain. But it wasn’t a complete success. The Italians had a plan up their sleeves and were ready to strike back. In Isonzo, you get to dive right into this action and counterattack.

Isonzo – Free Piana Update OUT NOW

History tells us that the Italian forces didn’t quite pull off a win. They made some progress, but the Austro Hungarians remained strong. For the next two years, Monte Piana remained largely unchanged. But in this expansion, you, as an Isonzo player, have the power to craft a new outcome. Due to lead either the Italians or the Austro Hungarians to a triumphant victory.

Glacial Units Pack

For those who pay attention to the little details, the upcoming Isonzo Glacial Units Pack promises unique aesthetics. If you’ve ever imagined what soldiers would look like while braving the cold heights of Europe’s towering peaks, this pack is for you. These soldiers often had to be creative, using whatever was available to shield themselves from the bitter cold. The Isonzo pack offers two sets of such creative outfits suitable for all classes.
This also includes various headgears to keep warm. A touch of personality with mustaches, beards, and facial items. These are just for show and won’t give you any tactical advantage. But they do add a layer of immersion and realism.

Fans of Isonzo have something else to look forward to! You might know that Verdun hosts a special event called the Christmas Truce every year. Meanwhile, in Tannenberg, players are faced with the Wolf Truce, where teamwork is crucial. Until now, Isonzo players haven’t had their special event. But hints suggest that’s about to change. While the exact details remain a secret, one thing is certain – there won’t be any truce this time. And, a small hint – you might want to prepare for cold conditions. Having the Glacial Units Pack might just set you up to blend right in via Steam.

The world of Isonzo is expanding, giving players more scenarios, challenges, and customization options. So, if you’re ready to redefine history and enjoy new game, its available on Steam and Humble Store. Along with a 50% discount, dropping the price to $14.99 USD / £12.49 / 14,99€ until Sept. 18th. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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