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Isonzo receives its second free expansion

isonzo releases its second free piave update for the game on linux and windows pc

Isonzo releases its second free Piave update for the game on Linux and Windows PC. All due to the continuous commitment of developers M2H and BlackMill Games. The game is available on both Steam and Humble Store.

The second update of historical WW1 FPS Isonzo’s three part Caporetto expansion releases now. In Piave update, German troops charge across the Piave river in the newly added Offensive map. While Italian soldiers fight tooth and nail to hold them off. And with new weapons for both sides of the war, the Battle of Caporetto offers new tests for everyone.

Just like the first part of the Caporetto expansion, the Piave update is free for all Isonzo players. As revealed in the roadmap. This is also the second update of many to be released on Steam.

Crossing enemy lines to cross the Piave

The Piave update marks the next part of the free Caporetto expansion. Available in Isonzo, adding a new Offensive map for soldiers to fight their way through. This time, players will either have to defend the river Piave as the Italians or attempt to cross it as the Germans. Since both sides will have a fierce battle waiting for them. They won’t be going to battle empty handed, though. Since there are two new weapons now added to the game to even the odds. German soldiers can now equip the Mauser M1914. While the Italians can choose to use the Beretta Modello 1917. There area also various new custom match options included in this update.

In order to cross the river, German soldiers must first fight their way through a vineyard in Isonzo. Due to capture the ruins of a castle at the top of a hill. The town of Vidor and its Abbey are the next targets. Followed by the final destination: the Piave river and its bridgehead. Where German troops must find a way to cross the water. Of course, the Italian army won’t be making any of this easy for the Germans. Since Italian soldiers will be awaiting their attacks and giving it their all. Doing what it takes to prevent the others every step of the way.

Isonzo – Free Piave Update (Linux, Windows PC)

In history the Battle of Caporetto represents a major defeat for the Italian army. In the end, involving the formation of a new cabinet. Armando Diaz replaced Luigi Cadorna as chief of staff. Standing his ground at the Piave river to prevent Venice from falling into enemy hands. According to our history books, his defense proved a useful one. Marking the beginning of the end for the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In Isonzo, players can change the course of history. Which army will conquer the Piave?

The Caporetto expansion introduces players to a major part of the German involvement on the Italian Front. All new maps are based on careful research to reflect the tests faced by soldiers. Doing so for both sides of the conflict. Along with period maps and photography plus written memoirs and modern histories.

For more information about this Isonzo update, check out our latest devblog.

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