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Isonzo the WW1 FPS game launches

isonzo authentic ww1 fps game launches on linux and windows pc

Isonzo authentic WW1 FPS game launches on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing work and efforts of developers M2H and BlackMill Games. Available with a discount on Steam and Humble Store.

The wait is finally over: Isonzo is now available. So, to celebrate this day, the official launch trailer has been released showing off the action. While giving you chance to see what to expect in this authentic WW1 FPS. Join the Kingdom of Italy or the Austro-Hungarian Empire. All while you take up arms as they fight for victory in the mountains.

Isonzo elevates WW1 to unexpected heights. Since the WW1 Game Series seeks to bring the Great War closer than ever before. After prequels Verdun and Tannenberg, it is now Isonzo’s turn to take the stage. And the game looks even better. While the Italian and Austro-Hungarian armies will clash in Isonzo. Doing so in river valleys and the Alps of the Southern Front.

The ‘Offensive’ game mode is a carefully refined experience. One that also allows players to witness first hand the high-altitude battles of the Italian Front. Due to reenact key historical moments. Authenticity and historical accuracy are the staples of the WW1 Game Series. As Isonzo takes the series to new heights.

Isonzo Launch Trailer

From fighting high up in idyllic Alpine scenery to close-combat in rocky trenches. Who will survive the crosshairs of sharp shooters in Isonzo? Or the biplane bombers and terrifying poison gas? Take position behind a gatling gun or sound the horn to support your squad mates. While facing off in urban streets and river valleys. Take part in key WW1 moments and see if you can change the course of history. This is the Italian Front.

Isonzo starts off with an exclusive bonus pack and 10% launch discount. Doing so on both Linux and Windows PC for the first week of launch. Available on Steam and Humble Store. Priced at $26.99 USD / £22.49 / 26,99€.
The Isonzo: Deluxe Edition is discounted 10% on Steam and Humble Store. Which also includes the Veteran Units Pack, Reserve Units Pack, and Avanti Units Pack.

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