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It Is Nice When It Snows brings puzzles to Kickstarter on Windows, then Linux and Mac. According to developer Concano Games. Who also announces its new crowdfunding campaign. Launching with $1999 USD for a pledge goal of $27,923 USD.

It Is Nice When It Snows is a 2D platformer adventure. While bringing challenging puzzles and player skill matters.
In this campaign, you will also find details of the universe. Including a strong narrative and unique mechanics. Along with exclusive rewards for backers.

At the beginning of the game. The little snowball (that used to be part of a snowman) starts with basic abilities. Expect the usual rolling, jumping, pushing and so on. All in order to interact with the environment. While you take control of little snowman (or what it is left of him). Trying to journey through the permafrost of It Is Nice When It Snows. While you seek out all of the snowman pieces along the way. And uncover the powers that are behind them.

It Is Nice When It Snows Kickstarter Trailer:

While the player takes control of one of the remaining pieces of a broken snowman. Along five amazing hand-drawn worlds. So you can discover the source of the evil. That, among other things, split the snowman apart.

The It Is Nice When It Snows trailer above looks like a snowball trapped in Halloween. The puzzles look interesting with the hand-drawn art resembling a Tim Burton kind of style. Leaving the viewer to assume there is more to come. With the likelihood of Linux arriving after the Windows PC launch in October 2020.


  • Five different zones.
  • Over 25 levels.
  • Abilities to learn…
  • Awesome Original Sound Track.
  • Collectibles and Secrets.
  • An emotive story with a social message.

It Is Nice When It Snows had a playable demo at Madrid Games Week and FIMP. Where it had a great reception from the audience that could play it. As well as valuable feedback. All of which will be taken into account with the audience and the final game. Which does look promising.

Be sure to check out the crowdfunding campaign. Also be sure to follow on Twitter, Facebook and join the Discord.

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