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It Lurks Below survival RPG will get support

it lurks below survival rpg will get support in linux windows pc games

It Lurks Below the recently released survival RPG games going to get Linux support beside Windows PC. Thanks to the development effort of Graybeard Games. Who also mentioned Vulkan in the mix as well. Now that the full release is live on Steam.

It Lurks Below a passion project. Developed entirely by Diablo creator David Brevik. Since the games full release is now available on Steam. Priced at $19.99 USD for Windows PC. With an 84% Very Positive review score.
Gameplay combines many staples of his earlier work. It Lurks Below is an action oriented survival RPG. This also includes eight character classes. Deep randomization and a retro side view player perspective. All while taking places in a world ravaged by a demon invasion.

Linux and Vulkan Support:

“Yes, the plan is to port it to Linux.

The engine is custom built for the product, but I use SDL2. I will be using Vulkan for Linux.”

So a little bit of background about It Lurks Below. This is not a commercial engine release. Since the game is built using a custom engine. With tools written for this project in C. A single man project from developer David Brevik. With definitive native Linux support in the works.
But this last year the game was in Early Access. Where Brevik used feedback from the community to fine tune the game. And the game reviews speak for themselves. Plus there is also talk about Multiplayer support as well.

It Lurks Below has been in development for several years now. And I’m delighted to put this eagerly-awaited product into hands of gamers. I wake up every day excited to be working on this game. And now I get to share it with the world,” said Brevik, whose last major launch was Marvel Heroes in 2013 when he led Gazillion Entertainment.

It Lurks Below Release Trailer (Windows PC, then Linux)

Games such as Brevik’s own Diablo inspired the role playing mechanics. While Terraria, Minecraft and Starbound provide inspiration. While including view and survival elements of this action packed RPG‘s.
Therefore, blending these aspects together as a whole new game experience. Where players select a custom character and class. Then delve deep into the mysteries of what evil lurks below. It Lurks Below‘s subbterranean levels. Acquiring items and encountering deadly monsters in this highly replayable game.

Released in Early Access last April. The games has consistently receiving positive early reviews and feedback. Both from players in the close knit community. While logging hundreds of hours of playtime.
Brevik has spent the last year listening to the community. Then fine tuning the game. While adding more content. And for him, community involvement was essential.

“I’m flattered by the overwhelmingly positive response I received. During Early Access and my personal streams of It Lurks Below,” Brevik said. “The experience of developing this game with the passionate community has been wonderful. I read every piece of feedback I receive. And directly interact with the community every day. There is so much fun packed into this game.”

Fans can keep check out It Lurks Below’s Twitch page for streams from Brevik. Which he’ll continue to conduct regularly. And from others enjoying the game’s release. As they lead their fully customizable heroes through randomly generated underground dungeons. All full of endless evil.
Additionally, you can follow @GraybeardGames and @davidbrevik on Twitter. Join Graybeard Games on Discord. And visit for the latest information on It Lurks Below and other studio happenings.

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