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IXION thrilling space opera support will be planned

ixion thrilling space opera sci-fi city builder support will be planned for the game on linux with windows pc

IXION thrilling space opera sci-fi city builder support will be planned for the game on Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to the efforts of developer Bulwark Studios. Due to make its way onto Steam in 2022.

The journey for the survival of mankind continues IXION. A new trailer teasing gameplay for the upcoming sci-fi city builder.
The trailer takes up from where the IXION announcement trailer left off. While following the explosion of the moon during the VOHLE engine test launch.

On top of this IXION is looks Linux support is also in the works:

Linux will be planned for IXION but we’ll provide more information nearer to the time!

You can see the comment the Discussions thread for yourself. Which is a pleasure to finally have confirmation from Kasedo games. Let alone having more details on the way.

IXION | Gameplay Teaser

What’s interesting about IXION, gameplay combines city building, survival elements, and exploration. While you take part in a thrilling space opera as players explore the stars. Mankind is trying to escape it’s fate. The earth slowly dying, ravaged after years of human destruction and untold pollution. The stars represent a new beginning. A new home. IXION will challenge players to create a home from home in the DOLOS owned Tiqqun. The space station that follows the demise of planet earth.

Station infrastructure including shuttle docks, food creating algae farms, and science labs. IXION will also offer steel mills, which you see in the trailer. As well as a glimpse of the stellar map in which players will traverse the known solar system. Even going beyond to mine valuable resources and locate other potential survivors.

Authorised by DOLOS Aerospace Engineering Corporation (AEC). The Tiqqun space station and its forlorn crew need guiding on a risky. Due to journey through space with the ultimate hope of finding a new home for humanity.

IXION players must research new technologies. Then unlock new areas within the station. But most importantly, keep the power flowing and your most precious cargo, mankind, and stay alive.

IXION sci-fi city builder is due to release in 2022. Which is planned for Linux and Windows PC. Available to Wishlist now on Steam.

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