IZLE action adventure RPG on Kickstarter and now Greenlight with playable demo

Indie developer Area Effect announced today that it has released the first playable demo for its upcoming 3D procedurally generated actionadventure RPG. IZLE along with the announcement on the Steam community, the game has officially been greenlit on Steam. Players can download the demo on both PC and Mac here. IZLE will be available digitally on Steam for Linux, Mac, Windows PC and home consoles (PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and WiiU) in Q4 2016.

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While this is a very early, pre-Alpha build, IZLE creator Alexis Bacot wishes to share his vision and concept with the gaming community so they will have a better understanding of the world, gameplay, and themes behind this beautiful creative and pioneering indie project that is currently running a Kickstarter campaign that ends May 1 st.


“We’ve received some really positive feedback from our growing Kickstarter community. We hope that this demo will explain what we’re trying to achieve with our game, by giving players and backers a taste of our vision and what they can expect in Izle,” said  Alexis Bacot, the creator of Izle.

Izle is powered by a novel smooth-voxel engine, allowing us to generate complete environments, piece-by-piece, bit-by-bit. On one hand this gives you the creative power of building a world with just a few clicks, while on the other it enables us to wage destruction at a precise level. This way the creation of the world is at the center of the gameplay experience; you can build your world and see it flourish, but if you fail in your quests, you will see it destroyed. You are responsible for everything that happens in Izle, from its trees and waterfalls, to its survival against the Shadows.

  • Unprecedented Consequences. Entire kingdoms and islands will be created or shattered based on your gameplay decisions. The world of Izle will reflect your actions in an unprecedented way. All powered by our awesome smooth voxel technology.

  • The Freedom of Terraforming. Acquire powers and use them to create procedurally-generated islands filled with rolling hills, daunting castles, treacherous volcanoes, underground ice caves, sprawling dungeons, and many other environments. Each one with its own quests and challenges.

  • A Destructible World. Every blade of grass, every tree, every hill and mountain can be destroyed. The Shadows are invading Izle and they will flood it with their forces and order them to destroy it. Life is fragile, and can be swept away. Entire islands will be shattered if it’s not defended.

  • Make Your Own Build. Find hidden items within your world, acquire new skills and create your own unique character build that fits your personal play style.

  • The Choice Is Yours. Gather Shards of Light and choose between defending your world and crafting powerful artifacts. Izle is about the infinite freedom of creating your own unique world, and the great responsibility of protecting it.

This demo will introduce players to IZLE‘s narrative and allow them to explore the first four islands in the game. Players will battle against the darkness, discover hidden treasures, farm resources to create new items, and learn to utilize the power of terraforming to create their own IZLE adventure. While the final game will look and play much differently, this demo will help to solidify both the concepts behind the game and the developer’s target for the final release.


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