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Jackbox Jukebox Playing the Odds is out

jackbox jukebox playing the odds bundle of games launches on linux mac and windows pc

Jackbox Jukebox Playing the Odds of games launches on Linux, Steam Deck, Mac, and Windows PC. A huge shout-out to the incredible team at Humble Bundle for making this possible. Available now as a pay what you want bundle.

Jackbox Jukebox Playing the Odds is the way to go. This phenomenal game bundle we’re talking about packs a punch. It’s got the newest collection – Jackbox Party Pack 9 – in addition to the entire series of odd-numbered Party Packs. This means you’re getting an array of interactive games with 100% native Linux and Steam Deck support. Since each has a design to ignite laughter and friendly competition among friends.

Each pack in this Jackbox Jukebox Playing the Odds collection is a treasure trove of activities. For example, Quiplash is an absolute riot. It’s all about outsmarting your friends with sharp and clever comebacks. This is your chance to let your humor shine and win over your peers with your wit.

Next in Jackbox Jukebox Playing the Odds, you’ve got Quixort, which is an adrenaline rush. Since it puts your quick thinking to the test with rapid fire trivia questions. If you’re a trivia master with the knowledge to spare, this is for you. And remember, it’s all about speed – so the faster you are, the better.

Another exciting feature is You Don’t Know Jack: Full Stream, which tests your grasp of pop culture. Prove yourself as the ultimate authority of movies, music, TV shows, and more. All due to show off your expertise.

Jackbox Jukebox Playing the Odds Tier List

$1 USD – 1 item

  • Fibbage XL

$5 USD – 2 items adding:

  • Quiplash

$10 USD – 4 items adding:

$15 USD – 6 items adding:

$20 USD – 8 items

This Jackbox Jukebox Playing the Odds bundle also throws in two additional stand alone activities. All due to captivate any crowd. And the best part? Your purchase supports three important causes – World Central Kitchen, Girls Who Code, and The Trevor Project.

Note that The Trevor Project has not endorsed or influenced the selection of activities in this promotion. The outlook, views, and thoughts expressed in Jackbox Jukebox Playing the Odds do not reflect those of The Trevor Project.

The usual cost of this Jackbox Jukebox Playing the Odds bundle is a whopping $179 USD. But, thanks to Humble Bundle, you can name your price, starting from as low as $1 USD. Any additional pledge will give you access to further upgrades.

All the items in the Jackbox Jukebox Playing the Odds bundle are redeemable on Steam. Now to mention 100% compatible with Linux and Steam Deck, as well as Mac, and Windows PC. After purchase, you’ll receive keys to access everything on the platform.

What’s even better is that you can decide where your money goes – the creator or the charities. If you appreciate the service, you can also leave a Humble Tip. So, are you ready to turn your parties into unforgettable events? Get this pay what you want bundle bundle, invite your friends, and kick off your weekend right.

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