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Jade Dragon dev video for Crusader Kings II

crusader kings ii: jade dragon developer video for linux mac windows games

Since his most grand and royal eminence, the Emperor of China. Having sent an ambassador with intelligence on what to expect once you make his acquaintance in Crusader Kings II: Jade Dragon. Therefore in this new feature video from Paradox Development Studio, Henrik Fahraeus. The Game Director for Crusader Kings II goes through some of the games changes and new systems. Since all of this is coming in Jade Dragon. The newest update to Paradox’s best-selling medieval strategy game for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Coming to Steam and Paradox Plaza.

Henrik Fåhraeus Talks about Jade Dragon:

Crusader Kings II: Jade Dragon allows you to interact with China for protection and technological marvels. And possibly face their wrath in the form of rebels or full-scale invasions.

Jade Dragon expands on Crusader Kings II by introducing the power of a meddling foreign emperor. While great energies cannot be kept in China alone. Can you channel this imperial ambition to bolster your own kingdom? Maybe you will become strong enough to claim the Middle Kingdom for your own dynasty.

New gameplay features including a new Tributary system. As well as Chinese Mercenaries, and much more will make the Transoxiana. So India regions come alive with new surprises and challenges for the games most seasoned despot.

Features in Crusader Kings II: Jade Dragon:

  • The Imperial Majesty Request: A new “China Screen” lays out the status and desires of the Emperor of China. Letting you keep tabs on what he wants and how to earn his grace
  • Kow-tow For Now: Submit to the Empire as a tributary, always keeping an eye on the waning power of the Emperor. So you can time your escape to freedom
  • Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere: So disgruntled princes or curious adventurers may leave China to seek their own fortune to the west.
  • Booty and the East: Collect wondrous new Chinese artifacts for your characters. And explore a new Silk Road system that adjusts returns based on China’s stability.
  • Rally Points: Instruct your levies to automatically gather up exactly where you want them.
    Dictionary of Chinese Characters: New Chinese and Tibetan portraits and Chinese units bring the empire to life
  • Eight New Casus Bellis: You can never have enough

While Paradox also points out that Jade Dragon will release for a retail price of $14.99 USD. The expansion will be available later this fall for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Coming to Steam and Paradox Plaza.

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