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Jane Jensen's Gabriel Knight release for Linux gets banned by Activision

#Jane Jensen has taken to the Pinkerton Rd forums (the studio handling the Gabriel Knight  remaster) to tackle the issue of no Linux #version of the Gabriel Knight remaster.

She explained on the forum:

“Guys, I’ve just become aware of this thread. I just want to clarify.

1. First, we never said MGX would be released on Linux only that Moebius would be. If you look down at the bottom of the kickstarter page it just says MGX is new and still TBD. So there were no promises broken or blocked by either Pinkerton Road or Activision. Keep in mind that from the start we realized that MGX was a game we were working with a publisher on, and we would have less control over. I don’t see that as a bad thing. It’s FANTASTIC that we are doing the GK1 remake. And that means working with the GK license holder. Also, to reiterate, MGX/GK1 is *not* being funded by kickstarter. That money all went into Moebius (and then some).

2. Secondly, we are thrilled to have gotten the license to release GK1 on PC, Mac, Apple mobile and Android. There is no anti-Linux conspiracy. We are also not releasing on console either, for example. It was simply a matter of “these platforms make the most sense in the market right now, let’s release there and see how it goes”. We may be granted permission to do more platforms later, but that depends on how well the game turns out and how it sells.

I know those of you who are passionate about Linux are disappointed, but there is nothing to be upset at Activision about (or, I hope, me!).


Activision bans the Jane Jensen's Gabriel Knight remake from being released on Linux

So there we go. It’s all a big misunderstanding.

[Original Story] Activision has a pretty notorious reputation for defending their IP, even if it is long dead and buried.

As they own all of Sierra Online’s back catalogue this includes a long list of classic point-and-click adventures including the Kings Quest, Space Quest and Police Quest series as well as the Gabriel Knight games.

They recently gave their blessing to Gabriel Knight writer Jane Jenson to remake the classic game Sins Of The Fathers, a project which is being funded via Kickstarter.

The original pitch was to remake the game for PC, Mac and Linux however Activision has decided that there will be no Linux version. The Linux port would be simple enough given that the game is being remastered using Unity, which makes it an even bigger shame that it will not be done.

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