Jarheads squad based shooter in development

jarheads squad based shooter in development for linux mac windows

Jarheads is a bloody squad based tactical shooter in development for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. Complete with full voxel-based scene destruction. Complete the varied objectives methodically, or just blast your way through.

Jarheads comes with a single-player or two-player online co-op campaign. Also a separate online multiplayer experience for up to 8 players. Including a variety of exciting game modes.

Also, single-player or two-player online co-op gameplay includes a 50 mission campaign. While the 8 player multiplayer comes a variety of game modes. Which includes a Deathmatch and Capture the Flag.

The game makes use of a custom-built voxel engine to provide completely destructible scenery and a modern-retro look and feel.

Current Development:

Jarheads is currently in open alpha. The finished game will consist of more than 40 campaign missions and 4 multiplayer modes across 10 maps. After launch, the map editor will release with online map sharing.

Jarheads squad based shooter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Go around or go through? When everything is destructible, the choice is yours. Jarheads is a fast-paced tactical shooter including fully-destructible environments.

Since each mission will only go on for a few minutes. But building up to mission success may require many tries. Since players will have to probe the enemy for weaknesses. Working to find the optimal path to your objectives.

So this means making use of grenades, rockets, tanks and choppers. Then obliterating enemy structures, vehicles and infantry. Leaderboards for each mission also let you compete for the fastest times. Which is all part of the overall package. Seeing developer Gareth Williams is putting some definite work into Jarheads.

Shortly after launch, the Jarheaditor (Jarheads Editor) will be made available with full Steam Workshop integration. Create your own maps and bundle them up in a Campaign or multiplayer map pack for others to play. The editor supports the MagicaVoxel .vox format allowing you to create your own prefabs to paint into your maps.

Jarheads looks really promising but appears to be a ways off yet. Since the “when it’s done” is clearly available for all to see via Steam. But the games coming to Linux, Mac and Windows.

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