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JARS strategy game releases with a nice discount

jars strategy game releases with a nice discount on linux mac and windows pc

JARS strategy game releases with a nice discount on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Mousetrap Games. Which is now available with its discount on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store.

Mousetrap Games and Daedalic Entertainment invite you into the dusty basement of JARS. While you explore a strategic mix of tower defense and puzzle gaming in a distinct gothic flair. Which is certainly kind of a bizarre adventure, so it’s releasing at the right time.

JARS tells the story of young Victor. While being asked to get a jar of pickles from the cellar for his mother. After he discovers a mysterious sarcophagus. There are also crawly creatures emerging from the other JARS in the basement. So our hero has to fight them in order to protect his ominous find. In the strategic tower defense game, Victor makes use of minions and items to break all JARS. All while defeating their occupants.

JARS – Launch Trailer

Finding the perfect approach by choosing the right minions at the right time. While you combine them with items and other upgrades. These are all essential to ensuring Victor’s victory. He also has to find out why some pages are missing in a mysterious book. Why Dracula hides in his basement? And if he can save the world. Doing so before he gets grounded by his mother.


  • A strategy game featuring puzzles and elements of tower defense: Break all the JARS and protect the Sarcophagus – that’s your main goal!
  • A distinct art style inspired by spooky and funny classics: Hand-drawn mouldy horror with a dose of humour
  • Randomization and adaption: You can never be certain what is inside a jar, therefore you have to adapt to new mechanics and situations.

JARS strategy game releases on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store. Available with a price of $9.59 USD with a 20% discount until October 27th. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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