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Joon Shining is releasing its Soundtrack

joon shining golf-like platformer game is releasing a soundtrack on linux mac windows pc

Joon Shining golf-like platformer game is releasing a soundtrack on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is the result of work from developer Orchid of Redemption and composer Angus Barnacle. Working to make its way onto Steam and Bandcamp.

Orchid of Redemption, Lamplight Forest, and composer Angus Barnacle are eager to announce the addition. launching for Joon Shining on February 17, 2023 is the official Soundtrack. Which is due to be available to buy on Steam and Bandcamp. Along with the games full release on the same day. The soundtrack is due to make its way to all major music streaming platforms later this year.

The Joon Shining soundtrack is intended to be a tribute to the magical settings. While Joon ventures through as she sets out to save the dodos from ruin. This collection also features the main theme music from each level of the game. All put together into one album version for a new listening experience.

The track list is detailed below:

  • Varidia (6:18)
  • Worlds (2:36)
  • Aquas (8:12)
  • Arogana (6:38)
  • Jenola (5:12)
  • Ius Machina (3:04)
  • Eris (12:21)
  • Regalia (4:56)
  • Celestial (8:10)
  • The Spectre (6:15)
  • The Spectre’s Heart (4:16)
  • Tunnels (2:24)
  • Pearl (0:40)

Joon Shining – Release Date Trailer

Joon Shining is a golf-like platformer game with a fantasy twist. Mixing in golf and mini-golf with elements of puzzle platforming. While evolving the hit and wait formula of golf by adding *magic*.
You play as Joon – a young wizard traveling across the multiverse. While you advance through 8 unique worlds, learn to master your arcane powers to solve weird and mind-bending tests.
Harness your abilities to shape physics. Solve puzzles. Discover collectibles. And also learn the secret of the Mage Drops…

Joon Shining launched on Steam in Early Access back on March 20, 2021. While now gearing up for its full launch on Steam this Friday. Along with its support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Since the start of Early Access, the game has received praise for its challenging platforming and physics-bending magic. Due to its golf-like mechanics, the magic allows the player to bend the ball. Doing so in ways that are impossible. She’ll travel from one mythical world to the next. And as a result, take on the test of saving the dodos from extinction.

The Soundtrack will be available on Steam and Bandcamp. Priced at $12.99 USD / £9.99 / 12,99€. While the main game continues to offer native Linux, Mac, and Windows PC builds. Plus the Demo also has a native build. Should you want to try before you buy.