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Joon Shining platformer coming in 2023

joon shining golf-like platformer game is due to get a full release on linux mac windows pc in 2023

Joon Shining golf-like platformer game is due to get a full release on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC in 2023. Due to the ongoing efforts and creativity from developer Orchid of Redemption. Currently available on Steam Early Access with Positive reviews.

Developer Orchid of Redemption is eager to announce their challenging golf-like fantasy platformer Joon Shining. Which is due to receive a full release window of Q1 2023.

Joon Shining released on Steam in Early Access back on March 20, 2021. Since receiving praise for its tight yet challenging platforming and physics-bending magic. With its golf-like mechanics, the magic of the young sorceress Joon allows the player to bend the ball in ways that’d be otherwise impossible.

The challenging golf-like platformer game has a fantasy twist. Due to blending traditional golf & mini-golf with elements of puzzle platforming. Since this evolves the hit and wait formula of golf by adding magic. While you use telekinesis to make the ball brake or keep rolling mid-flight.

Joon Shining Early Access Trailer

You play as Joon – a young sorcerer traveling across the multiverse. While you advance through 8 unique worlds you will learn to master your arcane powers. Due to solve weird and mind-bending tests.
Harness your abilities to manipulate physics. Solve puzzles. Discover collectibles. And also learn the secret of the Mage Drops…

Joon Shining is a challenging physics-based platformer. Along with a myriad of magical mechanics! Since gameplay requires carefully honed skills, picking the right arcane approach is key.

Influence shots mid-flight with Joon Shining magical abilities:

  • Burn away obstacles with fire
  • Use magic rings to gain the power of flight
  • Enchant airstreams and detonate ancient explosives to propel you across the level

Enchant environments to your advantage:

  • Grow plants into new platforms
  • Lure dangerous creatures away to clear a path forward

In Joon Shining you will find 8 unique worlds in the final game Including a forest, an underwater oasis, machine world, and the cosmos.

Each setting has its own magical possibilities, secrets, and traps. Some can be used to your advantage, and some provide tricky hazards.
Shots can cling to jelly walls, bounce off bubbles, be propelled by explosions, and also float on clouds. Giant flowers can suck shots in and spit them out. Living bushes can block the shots. Some puzzles also hide secret collectibles and lore. All tied to the game’s true ending.

Plus, you can also play the Free Demo on Steam for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

Explore and experiment to uncover the unique possibilities of each Joon Shining biome.
Starry skies. Bright beautiful worlds. Lush forests. Underwater lagoons. Floating clouds. And relaxing music. Perfect for when you need a cosy chill out game, with hidden depths and challenges


  • 8 unique worlds
  • Manipulate physics
  • Magic elemental abilities
  • Uncover secrets and hidden lore
  • 15-20 hours of gameplay

Upon the Joon Shining full release, Orchid of Redemption intend on adding:

  • An original soundtrack composed by Angus Barnacle
  • A huge setting art update across the whole game
  • Also an amazing and epic story about Joon battling her self-doubt. While due to saving a race of dodos from the Spectre of Extinction

The full launch of Joon Shining golf-like platformer game will be on Steam in Q1 2023. Along with continuing support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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