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Journey On anime style JRPG seeks your support

journey on anime style jrpg game seeks your support for linux with windows pc

Journey On anime style JRPG game seeks your support for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to further details and encouragement from developer BLACK MAGIC. Due to make its way onto Steam soon.

This is for lovers of classic turn-based RPG’s. Since indie developer BLACK MAGIC is eager to announce their new anime style JRPG Journey On. However, reaching out to the developer, they have Linux in mind.

RPG Maker MV supports Linux export so we will consider it if enough players ask for it.

This is the reply via email from BLACK MAGIC. Since they are using a game engine that does offer support. They will consider Linux further if enough people demand it for Journey On. Which you can do via Wishlist support for show your Tux Love.

Journey On Steam Trailer

Journey On will have you explore a world of life and death. Since this is an exploration focused, anime style JRPG. Will you choose the path of light, or of darkness?

As darkness rises, two young adventurers take on a journey to save their village. Journey On will have you play as two sisters, each different personalities and skill sets. What will you choose, the path of light, or of darkness?
And yes, there are different endings based on your decisions during the adventure!


  • A world with a strong focus on environmental story telling. Exploration will be rewarded with additional storylines, new equipment and skills.
  • Soul Corruption System: A world that reacts to player decisions. Certain Journey On
  • Customize your playstyle and party roles by mixing different skills and equipment that you’ve found.
  • Classic turn-based combat. Each boss battle has unique puzzle based mechanics, use the right skill to win!
  • Cute girls!

Journey On anime style JRPG is due to release in Q4 2021 on Steam. There is no specific release date and the price is TBD. But with enough support, a Linux port with Windows PC. Even moreso if you’re a fan of anime.

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