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Jump King tactical leaping adventure support

jump king tactical leaping adventure support in linux mac windows pc games

Jump King tactical leaping adventure releases on Windows PC games, but what about Linux support? Since the new Tactical Leaping adventure lands on Steam.

It is with excitement Nexile launches their debut title Jump King. The game is now available on Steam. Also considered at a must-play for anyone that likes a challenge.

Linux Support:

Jump King is being developed in MonoGame. So a Linux port is likely but we can’t guarantee it yet. We haven’t set up a Linux machine yet.”

So if you want to see Linux support. Now would be the time to Wishlist on Steam. The game also works via Proton on Linux. But naturally a native port is better. Show that Tux Love.

Jump King – Release Trailer (Windows PC, then Linux)

The game pits the player against a vertical level on top. Which legend has it a Smoking Hot Babe resides. The mechanics are deceptively simple. Since there are only three buttons in use are left, right and jump.
However, the gameplay offers a surprising amount of depth and variety. With a simple means, you have to charge each jump with precise timing. All depending on the distance and height of platforms. So once you leave the ground the path cannot change.

Jump King has been described as “The best Foddy-Like since Getting Over It”. Since YouTubers and reviewers already seem to have developed a love hate relationship. Which is true of myself as well. Since the games working via Steam Play.
With this fresh take on the punishing platformer genre. Also one one keys aspect of the game. IT brings the player more than just a difficult challenge. Since it features a strong atmosphere.
This is much thanks to the curious characters and the visuals and sound design. Which makes Jump Kings‘ vertical world come alive.

Reach the top and see if the legend holds true! Jump King is available on Steam for $12.99 USD.

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