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Jupiter Hell roguelike Early Access release date

jupiter hell roguelike games early access release date for linux windows pc

Jupiter Hell the turn based roguelike has an Early Access release date in Linux and Windows PC games. Thanks to ChaosForge and their closed Beta. Coming to Steam this summer.

Jupiter Hell the turn based roguelike is coming to Early Access this August. We reached out to ChaosForge, receiving a direct reply from developer Kornel Kisielewicz. Since the games release hopes to push roguelikes into a new generation. Fulfilling eager fans since the games Kickstarter.

Linux day one support:

“We pushed the official release (Early Access) date to August 1st. The launch price will be $25 USD. We might do a slight launch discount. But that’s not decided at this point.

This is not yet public information but it’s highly probable we’re going to do a pre-release weekend free demo on Steam June 14-16th (and maybe repeat it before the August launch).”

After Jupiter Hell Early Access period, by the end of 2020. There may also be a price increase for the game (possibly $30 USD). This all depends on how polished the game runs at launch. Since ChaosForge are looking forward to working with the Steam community. And yes, this also means day-one support for Linux.
Hint: there may also be a free pre-release weekend demo on Steam this month.

Jupiter Hell – Kickstarter Video (Linux, Windows PC)

Jupiter Hell is successor to the critically acclaimed Doom the roguelike. A free game dating back to 2002. It pits a lone marine against demonic forces across the moons of Jupiter. in a familiar 90s sci-fi setting. With everyone’s favourite weapons – shotguns and chainsaws. Gameplay is turn-based, tactical and brutally challenging. Expanding beyond the traditional dungeon crawler.

So as for now, gameplay features traditional a roguelike. Along with a modern look and feel. It expects to redefine the roguelike genre. And for , there’s still an ASCII mode. Giving gameplay a similar vibe as a survival gauntlet.

Since the original release for Jupiter Hell is late 2017. Clearly that’s not happening. But Kickstarter backers have access to the Beta. And there is no public access, hence a closed beta. So this means waiting for the upcoming Demo.

Jupiter Hell will release on Early Access, August 1st. Priced at $25 USD. Available for Linux and Windows PC. Which may also include a release week discount. This is going to be a must-have. So stay tuned.

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