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Jupiter Hell turn-based roguelike release date

jupiter hell turn-based roguelike games release date linux mac windows

Jupiter Hell is a classic, turn-based roguelike that has a release date for Linux and Windows on Steam. The games set in a 90’s flavored sci-fi universe. Taking place on the moons of Jupiter, while pitting a lone space marine against overwhelming demonic forces.

Jupiter Hell gameplay will have you rip and tear zombies, demons and unmentionable monstrosities. All while using classic weaponry such as shotguns, chainguns, railguns and the trusty chainsaw. Shining though CRT monitors and heavy mental tunes. Coming to Linux, Mac and Windows on May 31st, 2019.

Since the Beta just released this month for Kickstarter backers. News was announced through a campaign update. The details also outline the end of May 2019 the release date for Early Access. Which means ChaosForge are looking to shape the game further with more player feedback. Not at all a bad thing. As long as we have Linux support.

So it looks like we are a couple months away from diving deep into this turn-based roguelike. Which is also a true form of the 30 year old roguelike genre now resurrected in popularity. This time, we can experience tactical permadeath challenges in glorious 3D visuals.

Also, for those who do not know, Jupiter Hell is the spiritual successor to DoomRL. The parody roguelike that years ago streamlined the traditional format with a new wave of accessible roguelikes. While hardcore gameplay, fast-paced challenges and limitless death all await.

Day-one Linux Support:

“The game is being developed on both Linux and Windows (half the devs use Linux). So there’s constant Linux support now for each internal and external beta version. And will be on launch too (although to save us some headache we’ll officially be supporting only a couple major distros).

Currently there’s no public way to get into the beta due to Steam restrictions. We’re thinking of a separate beta program.”

Also relayed in the recent email from developer, there is no mention of which distro’s will see support. And also, regarding the games Beta, “we’re thinking of a separate beta program” which may be on While there is no specific date, ChaosForge is hoping to have a public Beta announcement soon, which includes Linux support.

Jupiter Hell turn-based roguelike (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Fluid Gameplay
    Dynamic turn-based action with unique adaptive animation system lets you play at your own pace. Supported by intuitive interface and streamlined gameplay for action-focused entertainment.
  • Smart Procedural Generation
    Built upon decades of expertise in producing truly engaging procedural content. Layered procedural structures, adaptive challenges and intermeshing random systems ensure engaging variety.
  • Limitless Challenge
    A game full of tense tactical combat, tight resources and legendary boss battles. Advanced difficulty modes and special challenges cater for the most masochistic players.

Jupiter Hell is on schedule for the May 31st, 2019 release date. Which means Early Access, but the studio is working to issue access to the beta before Early Access. So make sure to wishlist the game on Steam. And show that Tux Love for Linux.

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