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Kainga: Seeds of Civilization due to offer native port

kainga: seeds of civilization roguelite village builder hits kickstarter with support in linux gaming and windows pc

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization roguelite village builder hits Kickstarter, with support in Linux gaming and Windows PC. Thanks to self taught developer, Erik Rempen. Who is also gearing up for the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign today.

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is a roguelite village builder where your choices will shape the survival of your people. Due to enter Steam Early Access in autumn 2021. This is of course following a successful Kickstarter campaign, launching today. While seeking a modest $15,000 USD. Obviously slated for a Windows PC release, but we can also expect a native port via Linux gaming.

To answer your questions, the game is built in Unreal Engine 4. And as a result, porting to Linux is actually very straightforward (easier than Mac!).

I will work to have it released on that operating system either for the early access release in the autumn. Or the 1.0 release next year, depending on how smooth it goes.

Developer Erik Rempen replied to my email with the following details. It is really surprising to see a written reply stating how easy it is to create a port in Linux gaming. But this may appear for the Early Access release this autumn. Of course, this all depends on how smooth development goes. Otherwise, we might have to wait until the 1.0 full release next year. That being said, we at least have confirmation.

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization First Look Trailer

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is a roguelite village builder taking place in a world full of mystery and surprise. The player takes on the role of the Thinker, the leader of the village. So you will need to adapt to the procedurally generated setting and surroundings. Then make the right choices to allow your people and village to flourish. The Thinker is responsible for passing the players’ decisions and commands on to the people. Although the citizens are somewhat expendable. If the Thinker falls, you lose. Much like the king in chess, they’re weak and open to attack, so they must be protected at all costs.

Establishing a village is easy, survival is not. Threats to your people come from all directions. Thie can be weather events, the environment, wildlife, and demands. Maybe even raids from other tribes all threatening your very well being. In Kainga: Seeds of Civilization, you are not the hero or savior of the world. You’re just taking part in ever expanding story.

Instead of following the long winded city builder formula. Kainga: Seeds of Civilization is focused on short, 30 minute to 1 hour challenges. Each challenge is a fresh and diverse experience in a new location. This still allows the player to make progress between runs.


  • Create A Unique Culture. Using the unique thinker skill tree. Select research from a diverse branching technology tree inspired by civilizations around the world. Make your mark on the world with your choice of buildings. As well as festivals, resource production, and more!
  • Adapt to Your Surroundings. Use the terrain and resources to your advantage. Also, keep an eye on the resources you have available. Then take your time to plan and adapt to an ever changing Kainga: Seeds of Civilization setting. All while you battling against the elements, disasters, and other villages. Even the beasts that roam the lands.
  • Train Units and Tame Beasts. Keep your village safe by researching technologies to equip your villagers with weapons to repeal attacks. Even use the beasts to your advantage by taming them and turning them on your rivals.
  • Acquire New Knowledge for Future Runs. Every end carries the seed of a new beginning. Since you can0 unlock new technology, biomes and challenges to add further complexity to each run. Earn Karma to purchase advanced structure types and rescue thinkers to play with their leadership style, with unique quirks.
  • Live Amongst or Upon Giant Beasts. The wildlife of these lands wonder and interact with the setting. Often destroying those in their way. Can you learn to live with these animals in Kainga: Seeds of Civilization? Or better yet, manage to tame them and build upon them.
  • Build Legendary Structures. From towering stone menhirs, to great halls and more. Construct and protect massive buildings using materials sourced from around the map.
  • Customize Your Playstyle. Choose a look and starting layout personalized to how you play best. Doing so before diving into the procedurally generated world and putting your skills to the test.

Support the Kickstarter:

Kainga: Seeds of Civilization roguelite village builder will enter Steam Early Access this autumn. The Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign kicks off today. Now with a build confirmed for Linux gaming with Windows PC. There is even more reason to pledge.

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