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Kalypso Media 15 year celebration sale is on

kalypso media 15 year celebration sale is on with amazing discounts on linux mac windows pc games

Kalypso Media 15 year celebration sale is on with amazing discounts on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC games. Thanks to the grand efforts of the publisher. Which live now and going strong until the end of the month.

Publisher Kalypso Media turns 15, officially. While the party began earlier in the year with the 20th anniversary of Tropico. The current sale and discounts will continue today until August 25th. Since this will offer Linux gamers up to 80% off an array of games at the Kalypso Store. Discounted titles include nostalgic classics such as M.U.D. TV, Imperium Romanum (with Proton), and Patrician IV. But its Kalypso’s latest releases Spacebase Startopia, Dungeons 3, Railway Empire, and Tropico 5 and 6. Kalypso Media offers value with Steam codes for Linux games. Even more, since the publisher offers native ports. Including their respective DLC’s.

With steady growth since its outset in 2006. Kalypso Media has gone from strength to strength. Doing so even after a bank employee, when asked for a start up loan, stated, “There’s no economic future in computer games.” This has long been a source of many smiles and in the last 15 years.

Tropico 6 – Kalypso Media Release Trailer

So now, with more than 150 employees at 10 locations in 5 countries. Which includes Germany, UK, USA, Japan, and France. A healthy turnover and a bevy of strong series. Such as Tropico, Dungeons, Railway Empire, and Patrician. Now Kalypso Media has a name for itself. Since they are a strategy and simulation authority. While supporting the multi national games industry.

Dungeons 3 – Gameplay Trailer

Dr. Anika Thun, International Marketing Director, explains, “It’s not just the numbers and growth that make for success. At Kalypso, colleagues of different genders, orientations, and ethnicities. All work together in the spirit of trust. Female empowerment and inclusion, with women and team members from different backgrounds in senior positions. Who have been a staple at Kalypso for 15 years. And we continue to live and implement these tenets.”

“I am incredibly proud of what we have achieved alongside our employees. Despite many obstacles and setbacks in Kalypso Media. We have all worked together with spirit. And also a willingness to build a very healthy company that has developed massively in terms of revenue. With employee growth and company value. Especially over the last 5 years,” adds founder and CEO Simon Hellwig.

Those eager to learn more about Kalypso Media’s founding history. Be sure to check out the 15 years of Kalypso category on the blog. As well as the Kalypso Twitter in the coming days.

Also note, amny of the games in the Kalypso Store sale offer Mac and Windows PC support. There are certainly plenty that offer Linux builds. Due to games like Spacebase Startopia, Dungeons 3, Railway Empire, and Tropico 5 and 6 As a result, this makes the Kalypso Media 15 year celebration sale a win.

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