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KAPIA due to bring the adventure to Kickstarter

kapia due to bring the adventure to kickstarter but also game on linux mac and windows pc

KAPIA due to bring the adventure to Kickstarter for Windows PC, but also has gaming on Linux and Mac in the mix. Thanks to developer 2 FOR 2. Plus the we also have a playable demo head of the crowdfunding campaign.

KAPIA point and click, choose your own adventure game is launching on Kickstarter September 15th. While you follow the mysterious adventure of a small girl and her grandfather. Which is happens to take place in a vibrant yet funky apocalyptic world.

That’s all well and good, but what about Linux support? Well according to 2 FOR 2, it’s in the mix.

We do want to make a Linux port. But it will depend on the Kickstarter. Right now, KAPIA is going to come out for Windows, but we want to port it to Mac, Linux, and consoles.

The KAPIA Kickstarter has a lot riding on it. But it’s a pleasure to see Linux and Mac already included. That being said, it sounds as though Linux might be a stretch goal. Which would be disappointing. But right now it’s a wait and see until the campaign kicks off next week.
That being said, we do have a free Demo to play. Since the game is developed in Unity 3D, Wine support works nicely. And the gameplay is point and click but not a story based visual novel style. But more of a third person vibe within a unique setting. The KAPIA demo also runs well, which should make porting to Linux that much easier. Plus, be sure use Wine to first extract (5gb) and also run the game.

KAPIA point and click adventure Kickstarter trailer

KAPIA is a story driven point and click adventure. Which has a more classic style of 3D quests from the mid-2000s. While making the adventure far more immersive way of gaming on Linux.

The 2 FOR 2, two person developer team is also a big fan of games of the “golden age” in point and click. Which is clearly taking inspiration from classic title. Such as Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, and The Longest Journey. But lets not forget Still Life and Syberia. Since these are the games that helped shape game development. Not to mention the point and click genre as a whole.

KAPIA follows the story of a retired pilot. A strong willed grandfather Stefan, who takes on the task of ending the conflict. Little does he know, his most powerful ally will be his small granddaughter, Reny. And each level will focus on either Stefan or Reny. Giving you two different perspectives.

While levels that feature Stefan are when you learn the back story of the game. Puzzles are more dialogue oriented. Which makes gameplay more intriguing. Making the experience lean towards things that are thoughtful and mysterious.

On the other hand, Reny’s levels have less story and more mechanics puzzles. Since she will be your window into private relationships. Seeing that characters open up more when around a small girl.


  • Point-and-click
  • Play for both characters
  • Unique 3D design
  • Puzzles and mini-games
  • Voiced dialogues

KAPIA will bring the crowdfunding campaign to Kickstarter on September 15th. Due to bring the adventure to Kickstarter on Windows PC, but with gaming on Linux and Mac also in the mix. So be sure to give the Demo a try and Wishlist the game on Steam.

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