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Kaya Joshi hidden object adventure out soon

kaya joshi magical detective hidden object adventure game for linux mac windows pc

Kaya Joshi: Magical Detective hidden object adventure game for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Credit goes to the imaginative team at Ironcode Gaming for crafting this captivating title. Due to be available on Steam soon.

Kaya Joshi: Magical Detective, is a new title hitting Steam on November 17, 2023, for Linux. This isn’t just any regular game release; it’s a family-friendly adventure that combines the fun of finding hidden objects while solving a mystery.

So, what’s it all about? You step into the shoes of Kaya Joshi, a young and ambitious detective. Kaya’s got a big case on her hands – a boy’s gone missing, and there’s talk that the local mafia might be involved. But here’s where things get really interesting: the case takes a supernatural twist. That’s right, we’re talking magic and curses! Kaya’s not just up against regular criminals; she’s dealing with a cursed enemy.

One of the best aspects of the Kaya Joshi: Magical Detective adventure is how it mixes different types of challenges. You’ll be searching for hidden objects, sure, but there’s more. You’ll also dive into various minigames and puzzles that keep things fresh and exciting. Due to being more like a treasure hunt, where you also need to crack some brain teasers.

Embark on an epic adventure in Kaya Joshi: Magical Detective

Game developers, Ironcode Gaming, have made sure that everyone can enjoy this adventure. You can choose between windowed or fullscreen mode, and you can adjust the difficulty level whenever you want. Stuck on a tough spot? No worries, Kaya Joshi: Magical Detective has a hint system to give you a nudge in the right direction.

Now, let’s talk about Kaya. She’s not just any detective; she’s has a magic ring and a strong belief in herself. Since this isn’t just about finding clues; it’s about using magic and smarts to solve a deep mystery.

Besides the main adventure, there are extra minigames to mix things up. You’ll find stuff like Chain Solitaire and Slider puzzles. And the best part? If you’re not into minigames, you can skip them. That’s right, play your way.

In short, Kaya Joshi: Magical Detective is set to offer more than a hidden object adventure. It’s easy to get into, and the story is gripping. You can change how you play anytime, ensuring that you’re always having a good time. Due to offer day-one support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. It will be priced at $14.99 USD / £10.99 / 14,99€ on Steam.

Remember, November 17, 2023, is when the magic begins on Steam. Get ready to join Kaya in an unforgettable adventure!

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