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Keali unlock the power of Early Access

keali 2d action platformer game launches on Linux with windows pc

Keali 2D action platformer game launches on Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to the genius team at Mandable Games. Native support is now available on Steam Early Access.

Let me tell you about Keali. The 2D action platformer just launched on Early Access. The game comes with fluid movements, mind bending puzzles, and a ticking clock from some mysterious danger. Due to remain in Early Access for the next 4-9 months.

You step into the shoes of our hero. She’s not just any character, but a young forest guardian spirit. Her mission? Dive deep into an ancient underground temple to rescue her forest. It’s also a journey worth taking.

The content? You’ve got about six to ten hours of thrilling adventures spanning 60 levels. And here’s where it gets interesting: Keali is packed with skills. She can tether to surfaces, dash like the wind, sprint fast, jump high, and even climb walls. But, there’s a catch! Since using these moves consumes her spirit energy. So, every move you make, you’ll need to think about how much energy it’ll cost. It’s a balance of strategy and reflexes.

Ever wanted to be part of an epic story? Dive deep into the narrative of Keali and her quest. While you figure out the mystery of the missing forest spirits and uncover the secrets of the grand temple.

Keali Trailer

Oh, and as you explore, keep an eye out for mural fragments. They’re scattered everywhere. Collecting them not only gives you a challenging task but also lets you in on the history of this world.

One of the neatest features of Keali is the tether. It automatically connects to surfaces and special points depending on where you’re headed. It’s also very intuitive and fun to use.

Ever seen creeping vines in movies that grow super-fast? Imagine racing against them! In some levels, you’ve got to beat these vines before they engulf everything. Add to that the thrill of mastering when to sprint to conserve energy. Also when to dash across gaping chasms, nullifying gravity’s pull. Keali is edge of the seat gameplay!

And hey, if you’re the a player that likes friendly competition, there’s more in store for you. You can compete with friends and others globally on Steam leaderboards. Discover every strategy and tactic to clock the best time and top those charts.

Lastly, compatibility is a breeze. Most controllers work seamlessly with Keali. So, if you ever want to play on a big screen, get your friend, cast it on the TV, and take turns challenging each other.

The 2D action platformer is available via Steam Early Access on Linux and Windows PC. Priced at $9.99 USD / £8.50 / 9,75€. But also keep in mind, development is using GameMaker Studio 2, it works on Ubuntu, but will likely work on other distro’s too. Try the Linux Demo first.

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