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Keen – One Girl Army adventure might add support

keen - one girl army tactical adventure might add support for linux with mac and windows pc

Keen – One Girl Army tactical adventure might add support for Linux with Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to a recently reply from developer Cat Nigiri. Who also just released the game on Steam. With 92% Positive Reviews.

Keen – One Girl Army is a cute tactical turn-based puzzle adventure. Developer Cat Nigiri already release the game on Windows and Mac. Available on Steam and also advancing to the arena of Nintendo Switch on July 2nd. So you know there is something to the gameplay. Have also watched some gameplay video, it’s actually a challenge. The game reviews the number of moves. As well as other aspects of your gameplay.

Wield your blade to decimate more than 20 varieties of foes in Keen – One Girl Army. This of course includes ghosts, zombies, and evil robots. While zipping through the hordes on roller skates. Expansive dungeons including decrepit catacombs. There is also a mysterious forest and an underwater military base. Which all hold upgrades and powerups. So you can have the ability to regenerate. While damaging multiple opponents with a thunderous blast. And Keen – One Girl Army lets you create a defensive telekinetic shield.

It was built with Unity. We currently don’t have a Linux version (but later we might add one).

Developer Cat Nigiri also confirm that Keen – One Girl Army runs well on Proton. So the game is at least playable on Linux. The fact that the developer might add support is positive. The reviews on Steam are a good sign. And games also coming to the Switch as well. So it would be a wise move for Cat Nigiri to issue a Linux build. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

Keen – One Girl Army – Trailer

In the game you play Kim, a descendant of a long line of female warriors. Who must thwart an evil corporation’s expansion plans. Since they threaten not just her island village. But also the entire world at large. Armed with the family weapon and strength from training sessions with Gramma. She will venture through many cute yet creepy locales. All on her way to beat down the bad guys.

Keen – One Girl Army tactical adventure is available on Steam for Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $15.99 USD plus a 10% discount until July 2nd. With support support for English, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Japanese languages.

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