Kentucky Route Zero Act 3 now available and Season Pass is 25% off

Kentucky Route Zero developer Cardboard Computer has released Act 3 of its point-and-click #adventure #game for Linux, Mac and PC. Kentucky Route Zero’s first act #released in January 2013, with the second arriving in May. Described as a “magical realist adventure”, but in the experience the game provides is rather indescribable. It’s weird, really weird, but also rather perfect in its oddness. Act I takes just an hour to complete, yet in that hour the game captured the attention of so many gamers. And so we wait, quite anxiously to be honest, for each consquent act to be released. Today Act III was made available and with it our minds a little more lost.

Pick up Kentucky Route Zero today for $20, or lower depending on what sale is going on at the time. The first three acts of the game are out now, as well as an interlude that takes place between Act II and Act III. The final two acts are expected to be released over the next year. Indie devs have to take their time! This isn’t a trailer for Act III, but here’s a look at what the game actually looks like in motion.

If you play the game through Steam, your copy should be updated automatically. If you purchased the game through the website or through the Humble Store, your copy of the game has been updated in your Humble Store account / download page.

A lot of love and attention went into Act III, and hopefully you enjoy it. The game is on sale for 25% off via Cardboard Computer website or Steam

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