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KEO online multiplayer vehicle combat to get a port

keo online multiplayer vehicle combat game due to get a linux port with windows pc

KEO online multiplayer vehicle combat game due to get a port for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to recent details from developer Redcatpig Studio. Due to release on Steam Early Access next month.

Redcatpig and Digital Matters Publishing are eager to announce the multiplayer vehicle combat game KEO. Due to be rolling out into the nuclear wasteland on December 9th. Where it will also be entering Steam Early Access on Windows PC.
However, reaching out to the developers, they also have plans for Linux.

Full release will be Q1 2022 and unfortunately Linux port will not be ready for early access. But we are doing our best to make it happen by full release.

KEO is yet another game developed in Unity 3D. I did manage to check out the Playtest briefly. However, the servers at this time are down, sadly. The game actually works quite nicely on Linux via Proton. But since the Early Access is short, expect that Linux build in Q1 2022.

KEO Trailer

KEO players can pick the vehicle and loadout that suits their playstyle. While customizing it with an explosive arsenal of weaponry before racing into the battlefield. Then fight for supremacy in a number of game modes.

Earlier this month KEO opened its doors to players via a 24-hour giveaway. That saw close to a million users adding the game to their library in a day. With regular beta tests also taking place over the last few months. Expect the developer to ensure the best possible experience for launch.

What to expect?

  • Class Based Vehicle Combat
    Select from 6 different vehicle classes and 24 weapons. Due to create the vehicle that best fits your playstyle. Your KEO arsenal includes a mix of missile launchers, EMP grenades, plasma beams, landmines, and more!
  • Game Modes
    Team Deathmatch. This means Raw mayhem! The team with the most kills wins it all in 3v3 maps.
  • Domination
    Control the battlefield by capturing and defending outposts spread around the map. These will add to your team’s score. Whoever reaches the target score first, or has the most points when the timer reaches zero, wins.

For more on KEO online multiplayer vehicle combat game head on over to the Steam page. Make to Wishlist the game as well. Since we can expect a Linux build for the full release. Early Access will be Windows PC unless you dive into Proton. You can also follow on Twitter and join the game’s Discord.

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