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Keyboard Sports action adventure coming 2018

keyboard sports action adventure coming 2018 linux mac windows games

Keyboard Sports – Saving QWERTY is a new announcement and expansion. Since this is a bigger version the Humble Original title Keyboard Sports. Which was initially made available through the November 2016 Humble Monthly bundle.
So Denmark-based studio Triband is responsible for the games expansion. Founded by Tim Garbos (Progress to 100), Peter Bruun and Rune K. Drewsen. And since this is a humorous title with very little actual sports in it. Expect unique and ever-strange challenges that just keep increasing. Which will also coming to on Linux, Mac and Windows.

So players take on the roll of young apprentice to Master QWERTY. Who sets you off on a visually and audibly stunning adventures. All to find your inner key and the entire keyboard is your controller.

How does this work? Check out the all-new Keyboard Sports – Saving QWERTY announcement trailer. Discover how players guide the apprentice using each and every key on their keyboard. Avoiding obstacles such as lava, street traffic, plane cargo, plane cargo falling from the sky. Even PIECES OF A DEATH-SPIRALING PLANE, or control a spider robot, shoot arrows at bad guys. OR take part in the key-lympics. Ride a boat with a giraffe wearing sunglasses. And loads more dangerous yet hilarious challenges are coming.

Keyboard Sports – Saving QWERTY Announcement Trailer:

Keyboard Sports Key Features (pun!):

  • ENTERtaining Challenges: Take part in a vast range of silly and unexpected minigames that utilize your entire keyboard.
  • SHIFT into High Gear: Minigames get harder and faster the closer you get to saving Master QWERTY!
  • RGB RGB RGB: Support for leading RGB LED keyboards for unique gameplay integration unlike typically seen in other games.
  • INSERT Content: All of the minigames from the original Keyboard Sports demo are included in this bigger and better full release.

Triband challenges you to use every single key. Fall in love with your least sexy controller. All when Keyboard Sports – Saving QWERTY launches on Linux, Mac, Windows in early 2018. So pre-orders will be available soon via the official website. Follow on Twitter via @tribandtweets.

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