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keyg puzzle arcade game releases on Steam

keyg puzzle arcade game releases on steam for linux mac windows

keyg is new indie puzzle arcade game for Linux, Mac and Windows . Thanks Axel Sonic who release a a title that uses it’s unique gameplay. While creating a completely new experience for players. And available now on Steam.

So in keyg your keyboard is a level. Since each key is a room on that level. To move around the player must use his entire keyboard. See the gameplay trailer to get a better understanding of how it works.

keyg – trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Unique gameplay
  • Big variety of puzzle and arcade levels
  • Captivating story with numerous endings
  • Full support of QWERTY, AZERTY and QWERTZ keyboards
  • Colorblind mode

Two key factors of gameplay:

  • Big variety of levels
    keyg features around 70 levels based on it’s controls. So almost every one differentiates from the other. Most of them are puzzles based on “aha” moments. Some are arcade levels, that can seriously challenge your speed.
  • Captivating story
    The game also takes place in a surreal world full of strange creatures. Since you are the main hero, waking up with no memory and finding out that you’re in a prison. Then meeting new friends and working to escape. However, what if everything is not as it seems?

Also, depending on how you play keyg, the game can end in one of 3 different ways. No spoilers here, sorry.
But either way, gameplay will put your typing skills and reaction to the test. Since you will have to work your way around each level with timing and precision. Some of the challenges are tricky to say the lease. So if this is something you apt too, then pick it up now with the discount.

keyg releases it’s 3D puzzle arcade experience on Linux, Mac and Windows. Playable via Steam for decent price of only $4.99 USD, plus a 20% discount until December 20th.

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