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KIBORG: Arena action due out this summer

kiborg arena fast-paced action roguelite game is due to arrive this summer on linux and windows pc

KIBORG: Arena fast-paced action roguelite game is due to arrive this summer on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative talents of developer Sobaka Studio. Due to make its way onto Steam soon.

Exciting news from Sobaka Studio – their fast-paced action roguelite, KIBORG, is getting a killer prologue KIBORG: Arena this summer on Steam for Linux and Windows PC. The new gameplay trailer that dropped at Guerrilla Collective is fire!

In KIBORG: Arena, you step into the shoes of Morgan Lee, the badass leader of a resistance group on the prison planet Sigma. You’ll be fighting off waves of brutal with tough hand to hand combat and blasting robotic soldiers with guns. While using some added cybernetic abilities to wipe out the enemies. Get ready to dodge, block, and parry like a pro to land that perfect killing blow.

Morgan Lee isn’t just fighting – he’s sending his clones into Sigma’s Coliseum for some brutal battles. These battles are no joke – they’re bloody and intense, and they help Morgan fund his resistance. Plus, KIBORG: Arena also has an Endless Mode where you can take on infinite waves of much tougher enemies. So, how long can you survive?

But that’s not all! In the full version of KIBORG, you’ll gather assets, unlock permanent upgrades, and even form alliances. You’ll research forbidden tech to stay ahead. The prison planet Sigma is in chaos thanks to The Substance, a nasty plague of nano bots that’s put the planet under strict quarantine. As a result, this new gameplay trailer that released at Guerrilla Collective is fire!

KIBORG – Gameplay Overview Arena Trailer

Every mission is procedurally generated, so you never know what to expect. You’ll face vicious enemies and brutal tests while dealing with different factions fighting for control in Sigma’s only megacity. Each mission happens in a single day, and there’s no turning back. There is no game over screen, and no reloading saves. Your victories and losses shape the story, so every choice matters.

Time is always ticking in KIBORG: Arena. Each mission costs you a day, and every week or so, something new and brutal happens. Balance your risks and rewards carefully. Your choices matter – win or lose, the story keeps moving forward, and you’ve got to live with the outcomes.

Dimitry Kachkov, the head of Sobaka Studio, says, “I’ve always wanted to create a game that blends my love of roguelites and brutal action games. I hope players enjoy testing with every augment and making tough choices in Morgan’s story.”

KIBORG: Arena fast-paced action roguelite is coming this summer on Steam for Linux and Windows PC. Make sure to follow Sobaka Studio on Twitter/X, YouTube, and join their Discord server for all the latest updates.

Get ready, gear up, and dive into the chaos – KIBORG: Arena

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