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KIBORG story-driven action to get a port

kiborg story-driven action game is due to get a port for linux with windows pc

KIBORG story-driven action game is due to get a port for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to further details from developer Sobaka Studio. Working to make its way onto Steam.

KIBORG is a wicked blend of strategy and story-driven action adventure in a dark sci-fi experience. You’re not just playing a character – you’re the brains, the muscle, and the heart of a battle-hardened team struggling for survival.

In KIBORG, you’re stepping into the shoes of Vasiliy, a tough leader who guides a team of resistance fighters on a prison planet known as Sigma. This isn’t any ordinary prison. Sigma is a powder keg, housing the galaxy’s most notorious lawbreakers, made worse by an infectious alien substance, rogue nanobots. Which is also now threatening every living being on the planet. The situation is dire, and your role is to work through this chaos.

On top of this, we have some good news regarding Linux support for KIBORG, thanks to the email reply from Sobaka Studio. Simply stating, “we already have success experience in putting our games to Linux, so I definitely think we think it will happens.” Despite the issues in translation, their latest creation is using Unreal Engine 5. But you might remember the studio from their previous title, 9 Monkeys of Shaolin. Offering both Linux and Windows PC support. Giving more than just hope for their next title.

KIBORG – Trailer

The heart of the KIBORG game is the passing of time. Since each mission, each action, each choice you make is like a day in your life. Every decision you make impacts your journey and your team. There’s no “reset” or “try again” option. Instead, every win, loss, or setback reshapes your story. Life, like in KIBORG, doesn’t offer a replay button, which is what makes this journey feel real.

This adventure comes packed with unpredictable missions. Think of them like daily challenges – unexpected, unique, and different every time. From combat-focused battles to problem solving events, these missions test you against numerous enemy types. While offering an endless array of challenges.

One of Vasiliy’s tools is The Cradle, that generates clones to execute these missions. If a clone fails or dies, you’re safe and sound. These clones come equipped with a nano-skeleton that can absorb and transform fallen enemy tech into powerful cybernetic upgrades. You can craft thousands of different combinations. Not only transforming how Vasiliy fights but also altering his appearance – a feature that makes KIBORG stand out from the crowd. Plus, there are tons of hidden micro-implants to enhance your abilities.

The Combat

The battles in KIBORG are intense and rewarding. A mix of both power and precision – dodge, block, and parry enemy attacks, combine different fighting style and special moves. Use your surroundings to your advantage. Mix it up with melee weapons or brutal firearms, but always keep an eye on your resources. Ammo is limited, weapons can break, and your stamina and energy need careful use.

But it’s not all just battles and missions in KIBORG. You have a base to prepare for the next challenges. It’s a place where you can relax, learn from your team, listen to news updates, meditate, or even hone your skills in virtual reality. Crafting power-ups is also an option to gear up for the next mission.

KIBORG story-driven action game is in a world where time doesn’t pause. Each tick of the clock brings new challenges, and you’re at the heart of it. Be sure to Wishlist on Steam, due to evolve onto Linux and Windows PC. The release date is still TBD.

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