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Kickstarter: Ashen Rift a first person survival horror game

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Ashen Rift is said to be inspired by #Quake and #Journey. A first person survival horror game for PCMac and Linux that places you and your canine companion Bounder in a barely recognizable Earth which has been twisted and drained of almost all life. Together you seek to stop the remaining life from haemorrhaging Earth by disabling the “Rift”. Opened up by pesky scientists, mutating humanity into crazed beasts, and leaving you and your pet dog in something of a pickle. Rather interesting for a genre that you barely hear about any more outside of those annual quadruple-A monstrosities. While Ashen Rift is the sole project of long-time developer Barry Collins, who is looking to #Kickstarter for funding, and continue working on it for the rest of the year.

Game Features:

  • AAA First Person Shooter Gameplay.
  • Multi Platform release – PC – Mac and Linux.
  • Companion Dog and Interaction system.
  • Heavily Destructible Terrain and Environment.
  • Melee and Ranged combat.
  • Use almost anything in the world as a potential tool or weapon.
  • Inventory for carrying extra ammo, weapons and found objects.
  • Multiple Paths and countless ways to traverse each.
  • 3 to 5 hours of game time.
  • Complex and reactive Enemy AI behaviour.

Kickstarter: Ashen Rift a first person survival horror game

Obviously a post-apocalyptic survival shooter would be infinitely better if you were accompanied by a cat, but a pitbull is perhaps more practical. The dog is to be a big part of this game, with commands you can give him, as he accompanies you throughout your attempts to see the Rift closed and Earth become a more hospitable place. There’s an emphasis on scarcity of weapons, using the environment, and shooting at giant ugly things while being a bit scared.

Kickstarter: Ashen Rift a first person survival horror game

Barry Collins is only after $45k CAD, and the prospect certainly looks interesting. The footage shows Ashen Rift: A man and his dog being a game that’s obviously a way on, but of course FPS is about building long, interesting levels, and we have no idea how far along that side is. A December 2014 release date looks ambitious, but that is the goal. $10 will currently bag you a full copy of the game in early access in one of 3000 slots. Then that level becomes $30. Although just $15 will secure a copy on release.

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