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Kickstarter Campaign Underway for Ping 2 Attack of the Spheres game

NAMI TENTOU MUSHI has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Ping 2: Attack of the Spheres, a new style of game based on the very simple physics of Pong. In Ping 2: Attack of the Spheres, you bounce the cube through obstacles, enemies, moving blocks, invisible blocks, bombs, and much more to reach your goal.

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The gameplay will revolve around you bouncing a Pong like ball through several obstacles such as bombs, invisible blocks, moving blocks, past enemies trying to kill you, blocks that are easy to destroy, and more! Then you’ll be stumped by puzzles too as you try to get through as fast as you can. Such as confusing warp mazes, color coded challenges in where you apply the color of your player cube to the adjoining cubes that you bounce against. It has the same exact physics that you would expect from Pong and the same sounds as it bounces off the wall.

One of the biggest features of Ping 1 was the challenge of the game, making it almost a deceivingly hardcore game. That will be brought back into Ping 2. As a player you will feel like one of the few special elite if you manage to beat the full game.

As for the planned FPS mode, this will be paying homage and parodying old classic FPS games such as Doom and Duke Nukem. Saying ridiculous action movie style lines as he blasts through the sphere base with cube bullets which ricochet just like Ping himself! But Nami Tentou Mushi would not want to make it just a simple FPS level! Puzzles will still be involved! Flipping switches, hacking computer, doing math, even a dead sphere can be rolled into a hole to trigger a switch!

Kickstarter Campaign Underway for Ping 2 Attack of the Spheres game demo

As you play this demo, just keep in mind. It’s a concept demo. It’s going to have bugs. It’s going to be completely different in the final version probably. (TONS BETTER) But this was created in about 2 weeks of development. We are at now 6 weeks of development with the other modes just not ready to be shown.


With the funds, Nami Tentou Mushi plans on paying the licensing fees, rating fees, get better artwork and modeling to help bring this game to life. Also cover translations to European and Asian regions. The text in the game is not too extensive and that was for the sole purpose of making it easier on the team to localize to other locations. But if funded, the game WILL be released. This is literally the amount Nami Tentou Mushi needs to release it successfully. They are not going to come back asking for more. Just give you a polished, finished product which you will enjoy.

For people who do decide to back, Nami Tentou Mushi make it a habit to post very frequent screenshots and videos as to show what it’s like to develop a game and how it looks before it gets to you and to also get feedback from fans. It helps shape the game into the commercial product that people want and still happens to maintain the vision! There is no reason not to get input from others’ nowadays with the internet making it so easy to share content almost immediately.

For more details, check out Ping 2 Attack of the Spheres on Kickstarter

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