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Kickstarter for HABITAT: A Thousand Generations in Orbit Launched

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4gency has launched a Kickstarter campaign for HABITAT: A Thousand Generations in Orbit, a real-time, physics-driven orbital #strategy game #developed for PC, Mac, Linux and Xbox One. In the game you will build, fly, and fight with unique space stations you create out of #space junk orbiting Earth. You can make various combinations of junk that work together, to support life or to destroy it. Any object, debris and junk can be used to craft your Habitat.

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The basic mission structure is about fast-paced, emergent fun by building combinations of junk that work together, to support life or to destroy it. Exploration and resource management is combined with physics-based flight and combat in orbit to bring your space station creations to life.

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  • Any Object, Debris and Junk can be used to craft your Habitat: Attach objects together in any order, out to any size. Build tiny invaders or huge platforms. Jettison whole chunks and re-combine with others to create new orbital stations; as many as you want, whenever you want.
  • Don’t think it can fly?  Attach a Rocket to it! Fly your creations big or small by attaching rockets and letting physics do the work. Massive stations can be expertly flown to their destinations or turned into whirling kill-vehicles, all with rocket physics.
  • Salvage wreckage to your gain: Fight enemy habitats with your creations, crack them apart, and harvest their junk pieces to add on to your own habitats.
  • Everything is upgradable: Mine asteroid resources and research a full tech tree to upgrade your habitats with stronger materials, beefier rockets and special powers.

Habitat’s game modes will include:

Sandbox mode:  A persistent world for building and creating, populated by a procedural engine to give you new fields of junk to explore each time you start a new game.

Campaign mode: A narratively-driven experience that will have you taking on exploration, building, and fighting in a race to save humanity from a nano-machine army consuming Earth.

build fly fight habitat a thousand generations screenshot2

Step One – Explore, Discover, and Combine Junk

  • Explore a vast orbital playground: a huge playing field around the earth, from near-earth to the “graveyard” orbits further out.
  • Humanity’s history is yours to use: not just satellites and shuttles, you’ll find and use the structures and vehicles from entire civilizations.
  • Combine and recombine: weld junk together any way you want. Merge and split habitats, even while in flight or in combat.

Step Two – Specialize, Upgrade, and Unlock Tech

  • Special powers, hidden potential: each type of junk has different uses and powers you unlock by attaching and upgrading as part of your habitat.
  • Life and crisis in orbit: manage oxygen, electricity, food and living space for your citizens; and respond creatively as things go wrong in space.
  • Advance and evolve: discover advanced technologies with a full tech tree, and specialize your research to evolve into a spacefaring superpower.

Step Three – Fly, Fight, and Expand your Habitats

  • Just add rockets: every city is a flying city; attach boosters, thrusters, even ICBMs to take your habitats deeper into space with a physics-driven flight simulation.
  • Smash and grab: take on enemy habitats with kinetic orbital weapons you build; find weak spots and tear them apart to salvage their pieces for your own habitat.
  • Your orbital empire: make as many habitats as you want; network them with power transmission, automated defenses, sensor arrays and more to build humanity’s future in orbit.

HABITAT: A Thousand Generations in Orbit let’s you build, fly, and smash orbiting stations made out of space junk in this physics-driven strategy game set in Earth’s far future. A rather unique Kickstarter with some fine sandbox qualities.

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