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Kickstarter for Planetary Annihilation zooms by $500,000, 25 days remain for goal


The Kickstarter fund for Uber Entertainment’s Planetary Annihilation has surpassed $500,000, which puts it over halfway to the $900,000 goal with 25 days remaining.

Uber Entertainment, developer of Super Monday Night Combat, has made some additions to Planetary Annihilation since the Kickstarter page was launched. The RTS will now be on Mac OSX and Linux, in addition to Windows, with Linux being heavily requested by supporters. The team has also added offline/LAN support, multi-language support (English, French, Spanish, Italian and German), 64-bit support, and a shareable custom Commander for the $1,000 donation tier.

Offline/LAN support is truly great to see in an RTS, or any game for that matter, and Uber Entertainment is taking care of the fans in that regard. Certain features will not be available offline, like player stats and auto-updating, but the developer feels it is important to have an offline mode. Planetary Annihilation will be DRM-free while offline, however going online requires you to log in. Still it is great to see the lack of DRM for offline play, which is sure to make everyone happy.

Planetary Annihilation is a different take on the real-time strategy genre in that you are able to destroy other planets. You have an entire solar system at your command to build armies and gather resources in order to combat other systems. Planets can be taken over or destroyed with drop troops, interplanetary cannons, or even by pulling an asteroid down from orbit.


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