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For a few months now Sofox and a few others have been maintaining a list of Kickstarter and other crowdfunded games on the Ubuntu forum that either have confirmed Linux support or were deliberating Linux support. The purpose of this thread was to help increase the amount of games available for Linux by giving supporters a list of these sorts of games so they could either give money to games with confirmed Linux support, or petition for planned games to gain Linux support. This thread, has played it’s part along with many other Linux gaming resources to help bring Linux support to multiple games such as the Banner Saga and Carmageddon along with helping games with confirmed Linux versions to reach their funding target, such as Two Guys Spaceventure.

The list as compiled so far can be seen here.

Recently, Sofox went to add two more games that a poster submitted only to find my post was uneditable. This is quite concerting, they had been gaining a lot of momentum with the thread, a lot of work put into it, and the thread had recently been stickied. They’d been working hard as given the huge amount of activity, recent development and importance that Canonical has attached to Linux gaming, along with the rise of Crowdsourcing, it’s vital that this area gets as much attention as it can. I like to think their efforts in this thread have played an role in mobilising the activism of Linux users to help ensure that some of the exciting new games on the horizon get Linux ports.

With the thread locked down, however, they’re unsure of how to proceed and it seems all our efforts have been brought to a standstill. Surely something can be done to prevent this from happening.

Sofox is looking for help and assistance on this.


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