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Kickstarter: Grave Open World Survival Horror game for Linux, Mac, and PC

Grave is a new #openworld, procedural survival horror game being #developed by Broken Window Studios, Inc. The game has a release target of early 2015 and will feature a fusion between modern horror and classic survival horror gameplay elements. It will be releasing on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Having just finished showing the game at The Mix event during GDC and have made the move to Kickstarter!

Grave game Kickstarter screenshot


  • Unique day-night gameplay woven into the experience – split gameplay between survival and exploration. Fear the night, hope for day.
  • Highly procedural world. Not only are the creatures unpredictable, but so are the environments. Each night produces changes to the surreal landscape of Grave.
  • Multiple characters and stories to explore, each with their own sets of challenges and experiences
  • Frightening AI creatures see and hear you, with complex behavior to stalk you. You are the hunted, not the hunter. Every creature reacts differently and requires a unique strategy to survive.
  • Over 8 non-traditional weapons for defending yourself against the creatures of the night, including matches, flashlights, flares, generators, fire and more.
  • Craft new resources using items found in the environment. Build up your defenses or create unique items for combating the creatures of the night. Just be sure to watch your back.

Concept Art for Grave game on Kickstarter for Linux Mac and PC
Concept Art by Richard Partridge

About The Game

Grave is a first person, open world survival horror experience. Survive the night with an arsenal of defensive tools, and explore an ever-changing world filled with frightening creatures.

Rinventing Survival Horror
Grave is a hybrid of environmental exploration and combative horror, creating constant tension as the player balances exploration and survival. The goal is to reinvigorate classic survival horror with modern techniques, while retaining many of the elements.

Dynamic Reality
In the world of Grave, things are not always as they seem. Explore a surreal, lonely wasteland by day, and fight off hideous creatures after the sun sets. With each passing day, the world changes around you. Presenting not only new threats, but new locations to explore.

No Traditional Weapons
In Grave, darkness brings terror, but not hopelessness. The world of Grave is scattered with tools that can be used for protection. Ward off creatures with flashlights, gasoline fires, portable generators and more. Grave is about survival, so no tool is a strictly intended for offense. Each creature reacts differently to the items in your arsenal, so finding the best combination is crucial to survival.

  • Choice over inventory – We want the player to find the right tool for the right job, rather than simply hording ammo or saving it for powerful enemies.
  • Each enemy reacts differently to your arsenal – Seemingly powerful tools won’t be useful against all enemies, keeping things tense and unpredicable
  • Dynamic Elements keep the game unpredictable – Many elements are constantly changing or randomized, from enemy locations to items to the locations themselves.
  • Retaining Challenge – Grave isn’t going to hold your hand or guide you through the experience. Your wits and decisions will play a strong role in your success, as well as your ability to remain cool under pressure.

Grave is currently being developed with the Oculus Rift, as well as a traditional monitor setup. Having fully integrated Oculus already and committed to moving forward with it during every aspect of production. This is not a stretch goal; the game will play with Oculus Rift regardless of the funding we receive.

Grave supports Oculus Rift

Grace is looking epic and certainly made its impact on the gaming community at GDC 2014.  You can also check far more details on the Kickstarter campaign, along with quite a few YouTube celebrities (PewDiePie, KottabosGames, Mrkingofmetal)  playing Grave for the first time.

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