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Kickstarter: Kill The Bad Guy puzzle game for Linux, Mac, and Windows

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Kill The Bad Guy, a #game about killing criminals without making a scene. Using elements from the city to kill bad guys from all around the world. Your only rule is…make your kills look like accident!

Goal: $60,000

End: April 4, 2014

Now here is a game with an interesting premise. Kill The Bad Guy seems like a title that could fit almost any video game or action movie. But according to Ynnis Interactive’s Kickstarter, the major difference between Kill The Bad Guy and any violent video game is that you want to kill discreetly in the former.

Kill The Bad Guy Kickstarter killing criminals linux mac windows

Criminals have overrun the world, completely undeterred by the penal system. This means that these criminals get away with their atrocious crimes. As part of a secret organization, you must–get this–kill the bad guys. Because this mysterious organization isn’t sanctioned, it cannot protect you if you’re caught.  You need to make sure that you are discreet when serving criminal masterminds the justice they deserve.

 Kill The Bad Guy RPG demo for Linux, Mac, and Windows

This means that players will need to track their targets to analyze their daily habits. Once you’ve properly tracked your targets, you can plan how you will use the environment to kill the bad guys. The video shows players tracking their targets through a black and white city from an isometric view. From this view, players can set up traps to kill the bad guys. The video showed some examples including launching a catapult,  driving a car off a ramp through some buildings and sabotaging air conditioning units. Perhaps it’s not so big on the “discreet” part, but it looks like a great way for players to flex their brain and creativity.

Kill The Bad Guy puzzle game kickstarter rewards

Kill The Bad Guy has already been approved on Steam Greenlight. Apparently they were greenlit in just 2 days. The game will come out on PC, Linux and Mac. Make sure to check out the demo.

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