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Kickstarter launches for Outcast Reboot HD, a remake of the PC classic

Fresh3D, a studio made up of several of the original developers of Outcast, has now launched a Kickstarter for Outcast Reboot HD, a remake of the PC #classic. An# action #adventure game originally developed in 1999 for the PC. It was one of the first 3d game to offer #nonlinear gameplay, free-roaming environments, combats against clever reactive #AI, excellent voice acting, symphonic music, and 20+ hours of highly engrossing adventure. It was rated 90% by PC Gamer and received the Editors’ choice award.

Outcast has been critically acclaimed to the point it has reach some cult status among many PC gamers. However, the software-only nature of the original engine meant the game has been ignored by many at a time when hardware-accelerated 3d polygons was becoming the norm (and they loved flat corridors apparently 😛 ). Now we have the opportunity to bring this fantastic game to a wider and newer audience and to reward existing fans with brand new visuals and improved gameplay.

The campaign, which launched only hours ago, is asking for $600,000 in funding to make PC version which promises to contain objects, textures, environments and characters entirely remade from scratch in HD.Along with the updated visuals and new animations, the developer promises to remove the “annoying story bugs.”The project has received $108,108, at the time of writing.

This is how the original looked like back in 1999:
Outcast original screenshot back in 1999
Here is a screenshot from our current early prototype (1080p @60 fps)
Outcast Reboot HD screenshot in 1080p


Initial goal 600k : Outcast Reboot HD, Windows PC

As a PC gamer you know this platform has always been a center for creativity, openness and innovation. This is the place Outcast was born in, and it is the place we will make this new experience happen first and foremost. Experience Outcast with gorgeous brand-new HD visuals:

  • All objects, textures, environments and characters entirely remade from scratch in hi-definition.
  • Targets 1080p @ 60fps, and supports beyond HD
  • Enhanced adventure:
    . Annoying story bugs removed
    . Improved HUD
    . Improved inventory
    . Improved notepad
    . Improved dialog interface
  • New Cutter locomotion, control and animations
  • New camera control
  • Xbox and PS4 controller (and other compatible) support on Windows

Stretch goal 750k : Mac/Linux

Once reached, Mac and Linux will be able to be part of this incredible journey.

But that’s not all ! Everyone please enjoy this new extra content :

  • Reworked animations for all characters
  • New facial rig and lipsynch for all characters
  • Introducing the Oil subquest in Motazaar
    . Enjoy a brand new subquest that never got implemented in the original game.

Outcast Reboot HD stretch goals, $950k for DirectX 11 enhancements, $1 Million for implementing VR support, $1.35 Million for a next-gen consoles release and $1.7 Million for adding a new world to the game along with an orchestral soundtrack.

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