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Kickstarter – Nekro, another linux game


Nekro is an overhead, randomly generated action game about summoning evil forces of darkness to do your bidding!

Hailing from the era of great classics such as Myth: The Fallen Lords, Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Dungeon Keeper and more, we are creating a game rooted deep in PC gaming’s history, but with all the flourishes you’ve come to expect from a modern experience.

Combining full HD graphics, a unique premise, solid gameplay, and tight controls Nekro can be one hell of a game – but not without you…


We love that old school gameplay with new school flare and attitude. For Nekro, we decided to combine the best elements from our favorite games of the last couple decades while adding in our own personal twist.

Nekro is a light-hearted yet dark themed game about controlling a powerful necromancer. The game’s premise was created from a conversation that went something like this: “Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a game where you could just walk into an innocent town, raise a bunch of zombies, skeletons and monsters and watch while they rip the townspeople to shreds?” Then we paused and said, “Well, why isn’t there?” What followed was many nights concepting, discussing and creating. “Wouldn’t it be cool if the Nekro could craft his own spells, but…collecting reagents in a randomly generated world!” The cumulative result of these discussions is what you see before you.

In Nekro, you are the bad guy; a powerful necromancer able to create unthinkable horrors out of the twisted lifeless corpses of your enemy. Blood is your fuel; razing towns and slaughtering anything that opposes you is your creed. Even though you are evil, the humans of the land are corrupted, and will stop at nothing to wipe you out. You will face many enemies and challenges in the world of Nekro. Here’s some of the content rich features you can expect to see in the final product:

– A completely randomized world: Never play the same game twice.

– Fully-integrated crafting system: Your spells and ‘armor sets’ are created with the things you find in the world…and the things you take from those within it.

– A beautiful and rich world to explore: Nekro will have a host of unique tilesets and locations. From the burning hells to the ravaged lands of the east there will always be a new place to go, and as always, all of them are randomly generated. The game will put a big emphasis on exploration and discovery. The world is teeming with things to find and enemies to conquer.

– Unique creature-based gameplay: Your summons will do your bidding but are not under your direct control. Each creature you create will have a set of behaviors unique to it. It’s up to you to find the best combination of creatures to use for each situation. However, the nekro himself isn’t powerless. If all else fails, you can always run intro the fray; transforming into a powerful demon and lay waste to your enemies.

– World changing events: Each faction of the game (the nekro, the humans and the neutrals) gets their own world events that happen at random and can drastically effect the outcome of a fight. The nekro casts the world into Eternal Darkness, boosting his power. The neutrals summon The Werewolves of the Full Moon, spawning deadly werewolves across the land. And the humans call upon The Crusaders of the King, sending out extremely powerful templars to hunt monsters.

– Available for PC, Mac and Linux: And completely DRM Free! (We hate it as much as you)

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