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Kickstarter: Post-Apocalyptic Ashen Rift gaming with a Dog

Looking for a new post-apocalyptic experience now that you’ve played through #Fallout and #Metro ten times over?

Well, Kickstarter Ashen Rift: A Man and his Dog might be the answer to your prayers if that’s the case. Developed by independent #developer Barry Collins, Ashen Rifts gives you a post-apocalyptic experience close to 1975’s A Boy and His Dog, except with more monsters and a way cooler dog — a pitbull named Bounder.

Ashen Rift a new gaming experience for PC Mac and Linux

Ashen Rift is a first person survival horror game for PC, Mac and Linux that places you and your canine companion Bounder in a barely recognizable Earth which has been twisted and drained of almost all life,” the game’s page states. “Together you seek to stop the remaining life from hemorrhaging Earth by disabling the ‘Rift’ rumoured to be the cause.”

Playing as the unnamed main character 10 years after the onset of the apocalypse, you make your way through the barren, post-apocalyptic wasteland, relying on Bounder for help as much as he relies on you. Enemies called “Feeders” will litter the path to the Rift, undead husks of what used to be humans.

All in all it sounds like a pretty cool game, and perhaps a new take on the post-apocalyptic genre. With limited ammo and some tough challenges, Collins is looking to create an environment where you need to rely just as much on your smarts (and your dog) as your weapons. The “Rift” is also very intriguing… A reality-shattering twist towards the end feels inevitable.

Pledges for Ashen Rift are also very reasonable, with $15 CAD getting you a digital download of the game and packages ranging up to $8,000 CAD to receive “Executive Producer” rights.

Check out the gameplay video below and let us know if you’re backing this promising-looking indie game.

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