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Kickstarter Project Cold War 2 launches for Linux, Mac, Windows Pc, Wii U, Android, IOS, 3DS, and PS Vita

Cold War 2 Kickstarter launches for Linux Mac Windows pc

A new video game called Cold War 2 has just been announced. Cold War 2 represents our first foray into markets other than Russia. The #announcement of a game like Cold War 2 on Kickstarter comes at a time when tensions between the United States and Russia are very high; the #game assumes that these tensions escalate even further and go on to affect and polarize the rest of the world.

Unapologetically cheeky and satirical, Cold War 2 depicts some time in the near future where “you can battle against vaguely communist Russian um, communists with your forces of Rambo American awesomeness,” with North Korea thrown into the mix. The central hub of the game is the world map, where you can choose which country you’d like to play as and where you’d like to battle, while local maps are where the fighting takes place. Maps are inspired by cities and landmarks around the world, such as Moscow, New York, and London’s Big Ben, with many others slated for inclusion within the game’s assortment of maps.

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Weapons, supplies, armor, med kits, and clothes can be purchased for your soldiers, whom you may customize as individuals or as groups, and weapons can be upgraded and/or repaired in repair workshops. Once you’ve prepared your team for battle, you can choose between a number of missions on the World Map. In the game’s Community, players can create their own clans and can invite other players to join or compete against them. Players will be ranked against both online and AI counterparts.

In terms of gameplay, Cold War 2 is being described as “a turn based strategy with options for online play. Battles can unfold between two players who can each wield between 1-5 soldiers. Likewise, battles can unfold between 3-10 players who can each control between 1-2  soldiers.” Battlefields have sectors that are traversable or non-traversable, and soldiers can sometimes hide within the latter, though they can only move through a certain number of sectors each turn. Melee to range-based weaponry is at your disposal, with each weapon possessing its own range and lethality, and health is affected when a solider wounded or killed.

Cold War 2 is a combination of MOBA, strategy and RPG mechanics. It’s something that doesn’t want to take itself too seriously, as evidenced by its inclusion of dolphin shooting machine guns and the creatively entitled Sovereign Confederate Kingdom of Florida… Cold War 2 is coming to Windows, Linux, Mac, Wii U, IOS, Android, 3DS and PS Vita first.

As of today, Cold War 2 has $110 pledged towards its goal of $2,500, with 27 days to go until its deadline of June 10. Check out its Kickstarter page for more info and to pledge if you’re interested in funding the game.

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