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Kickstarter project Soul Saga JRPG is funded for journey to Oterra in 2014

Put “JRPG-inspired” in your Kickstarter title, instant $100,000

Kickstarter project Soul Saga JRPG is funded for journey to Oterra in 2014

Another Kickstarter success this week as Soul Saga, a PlayStation-era JRPG inspired game of the same style. We’re talking and expansive and unique fantasy world, turn-based combat styled after Final Fantasy X, a visual style that channels the Final Fantasy remakes on the DS and 3DS, and of course — a lot of heart. Developed by one-man-team Disastercake, Soul Saga will be coming to PC, Mac and Linux in July of 2014 (and PS4, Wii U and Vita too if it gets $2000 more)

The Kickstarter goal for Soul Saga was placed at only $60,000, which means with Disastercake has a lot of work already put into it or he’s very confident in his ability to get a 20+ hour game done in a year. Funding currently sits at just under $80,000, but there are stretch goals all the way up to $250,000. The last of which doubles the size of the game!

It’s great to see Soul Saga, small game from an unproven developer, finding such success based off the hard work he’s already put in and the demand for real classical JRPGs. Seriously, if freakin’ adventure games can get multiple projects funded, why aren’t more studios making JRPGs? They’re easy money! Huge nostalgia base and virtually no real representation in modern gaming. Bless you, Soul Saga. Bless you.

Check out Soul Saga‘s Kickstarter page for more information, or feel free to back considering there’s still 16 days left in the funding period. $15 will pick up a digital key for Soul Saga when it’s released in July, 2014 — though that date is certainly tentative. Hopefully we’ll see and hear more news soon.

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