Kickstarter – Starr Mazer combines SHMUP and Point-and-Click into one adventure game

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Kickstarter always brings a nice array of creative games with their own #unique genre and #gameplay. Starr Mazer combines the two least likely genres to ever be mashed together into a single package, which could very well have the best looking GIFs at all time.
Whoever thought that combining a classic Gradius inspired SHMUP with a LucasArts-era point-and-click adventure would ever be so stunning?

The point-and-click (PNC) adventure and horizontal scrolling shoot ’em up (SHMUP). The game is highly replayable as both the PNC story and SHMUP levels of each playthrough are procedurally generated and significantly different each time. So in this way, gameplay is different from traditional PNC Adventures, which are linear in their storytelling and do not yield anything new on subsequent playthroughs.

The narrative progression of each playthrough uses Open-Middled Gameplay (OMG!) in that the story modules kick off predictably and the endings are varied and satisfying, but what happens in between is up to the predetermination of the story creation algorithm as well as the choices the player makes, performance in the SHMUP segments and a host of other environmental / chronological / enigmatic variables.

Though procedural, both the PNC and SHMUP segments of Starr Mazer are highly crafted to provide an engaging, beautiful, exciting and replayable experience. Great care has been put into the modular PNC story engine and SHMUP level assembly.


  • Fantasticly deep story driven point-and-click adventure IN SPACE!
  • Classic style horizontal scrolling shoot ’em up inspired by the best in the genre!
  • Open-Middled Gameplay (OMG!) dynamic story module system for MASSIVE replayability!
  • Ridiculously beautiful pixel art and animation!
  • Fully voiced with fan-favorite voice talent from Film and TV!
  • Stunning soundtrack by Alex Mauer and special guest artists!

Developer Imagos Softworks is looking for $160,000, and it has already secured over $81,000 with 17 days still remaining. Development is set for Linux, Mac and Window PC at the moment with no hints of a console port in the description or in the stretch goals. Which will likely require a mouse to control gameplay unless Imagos is willing to eventually work in the Vita’s and DualShock 4′s touch controls.


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