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Kickstarter title Dead Synchronicity announce Linux version

Dark point-and-click #adventure Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today has five days left on its Kickstarter campaign, and now #developers Fictiorama Studios announced that there will be a Linux version of the game should it make the final campaign goal.

Fictiorama posted the following on their campaign page. “Both in Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight, some of you have asked us about a Linux version of Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today. Our answer has always been the same: since we are not that skilled with Linux, we needed more time, after finishing the PC and Mac versions, to focus on the Linux version. That’s why it was going to be a stretch goal.”

“So, it’s fun that a group of skilled Linux programmers knew about the game because of this campaign… since they work only a few miles away! We can go walking to their office! And they are going to help us with the Linux version!”

“So, we are happy to say that, if we reach our main goal… there will be a Linux version of Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow comes Today! We hope the Linux community will be as excited as we are!”

Fictiorama describe their game as “influenced by LucasArts classics”, but with added dystopia and dark, nightmarish imagery. You play as Michael, a member of the cursed group known as the Dissolved, whose supernatural cognitive powers come at the unfortunate price of a shot life and inevitable hideous death. It’s “Guybrush meets Mad Max meets 12 Monkeys” apparently.

It also has a very cool expressionist art style and music from indie band Kovalski.

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