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KIM open world RPG gets native support

kim open world rpg gets linux games support on steam and gog

Kim the an open world RPG is now available on Linux. Which is available now on Steam and soon for Also, a thank you from everyone’s hero NuSuey, via Discord. We have been forwarded this precious Twitter post:

Set in the world of Rudyard Kipling’s stories about colonial India. So this invites players to explore this fascinating era. Also playing as one of its most beloved literary heroes. The game features an enormous open world. This also includes 17 hand-painted towns and 450 procedural levels. Spanning Afghanistan to the Himalayas. It uses branching narratives with Kipling’s exquisite dialogue. As well as stealth, combat and survival systems. Letting players tell their own versions of this classic adventure.

So gameplay puts you in the shoes of the literary hero. You will learn to survive as a penniless urchin. While completing objectives and collecting items. Also garner favour with the spies of the secret service. Your aim is to live Kim‘s youth as best you can. Which is fleeting but if at first you don’t succeed, play again..

Kim – Official Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows):

Kim Features:

  • History: 1880s India brought to life in an ever-changing open world
  • Literature: Rudyard Kipling’s dialogue in ‘choose your own adventure’ conversations
  • Survival: Manage Kim’s health and happiness by collecting food and items
  • Action: Simple but satisfying stealth and combat in pause-able real time
  • Music: Original soundtrack from acclaimed composer Murugan Thiruchelvam

So from the trailer alone I’m keen to investigate. The games original release was back in October of 2016. So that’s a bit of a long time to release a Linux build. Seeing the game engine is Unity 3D, of course. Still it’s a pleasure to see unique game making it’s native debut.

The RPG Games discounted on Steam:

Kim open world RPG is available now on Steam with a 60% discount until December 11th. The games Linux build is also coming to

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