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King of Kings immersion pack launches now

king of kings immersion pack launch expands europa universalis iv on linux mac windows pc

King of Kings immersion pack launch expands Europa Universalis IV on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the innovative team at Paradox Tinto for bringing this vibrant historical tapestry to life. Available now on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store with 73% Positive reviews.

Welcome to the stage of history, where the dawn of the Early Modern Age brings a world of promise and peril. The lands of Persia are split, waiting for a hero to bind them. The ancient city of Constantinople, though only a shadow of its past, still reigns with pride. Over in Egypt, the riches of the Mamluk Sultanate sparkle under the sun. Tempting those who would seek to claim them. This is the setting of “King of Kings,” a new Immersion Pack that transforms your experience with Europa Universalis IV. Now ready for you to explore on Linux.

In “King of Kings,” you’re not just moving pieces on a map; you’re diving deep into the chapters of history due to tell the tale of mighty empires and lost kingdoms. This add-on zeroes in on the dramatic confrontations and alliances around the Ottoman Empire’s realm in Asia and Africa. It launches a hefty dose of new missions hundreds and a range of other upgrades. Due to grip both the strategy enthusiasts and the fans of historical sagas.

Europa Universalis IV: King of Kings immersion pack | Release Trailer

First, for Persia, culture is your paintbrush and diplomacy is your canvas. In the King of Kings immersion pack you’ll use Persian influence to win over neighboring realms. With over 70 national missions, your choices will shape the landscape based on your state religion—be it Sunni, Shia, or Zoroastrian. How do you choose to spread your beliefs. Since you’ll get to play with new ideas, government forms, and manage your domain’s inner workings in fresh ways.

Then there’s Mamluk Egypt, brimming with over 30 new missions and smart diplomatic moves like trading grain and promoting religious pilgrimages. Unique government options, hired armies and special privileges for your internal circles are yours to command. You also have the chance to lead Egypt into a new era.

The Byzantine Empire isn’t left out in King of Kings; the immersion pack comes alive with over 60 missions tailored to its storied past. With special reforms and privileges, plus a new type of subject—the Pronoia. While offering loads of themed events and decisions, your leadership could restore its ancient glory.

But that’s not all. The addition also touches on the struggles and ambitions of Armenia and Georgia, the strategic rivalries in Arabia and Yemen, and the cultural significance of Ardabil. Plus, witness the Turkmen factions of Aq Qoyunlu and Qara Qoyunlu while they resist the encroaching Ottoman forces.

“King of Kings” immersion pack is ready for you right now on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store. So gear up, strategist, for an epic journey where you can reshape history with every move you make. The launch is priced at $14.99 / £12.79 / 14,99€. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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