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King of the Hat support coming in a patch

king of the hat 2d party platformer games linux support coming in a patch after mac and windows pc

King of the Hat 2D party platformer game to get Linux support in a patch after Mac and Windows PC. Due to the work and creative efforts from developer Hat Games. Working to make its way onto Steam in October.

King of the Hat is an ancient gem from the Discord game store. Which also appeases thousands of fans by finally announcing that it will be coming to Steam on October 22nd. Since fans of the hat-based fighting genre have been eager to play King of the Hat on Steam for some time. So now, the moment they have been waiting for is finally on the horizon. But besides Mac and Windows PC support, Linux is in the mix.

We hope to ship it in a patch!

King of the Hat is a Unity 3D game and as stated, support is coming as a patch. This will obviously not be a day-one release, but at least we have formal confirmation in the Steam forums. Once again, thanks to Excaliber for raising the interest.

King of the Hat release date Trailer

This is a 2-4 player, 2D party platformer game where you fight with a hat. Throw your hat to attack, defend, and also bait opponents. But watch out, if someone jumps on your hat… you die!

Hat Games have been working to release King of the Hat since early 2019. While finally being able to announce a launch date for Steam.
The development team is an unusual, 4-person indie game studio. They are on an epic quest to bring joy and laughter to the world. That is when they aren’t making bird calls to each other in their Montreal office.

King of the Hat 2D party platformer game is available to Wishlist on Steam. Due to launch on Mac and Windows PC first on October 22, 2022. Then due to make its way onto Linux, in a patch.

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