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Kingdom Come: Deliverance will not have a native release at launch

kingdom come: deliverance will not have a native release at launch

This week Warhorse Studios dropped some news via a Kicktarter update. So according to the #details released, we will not see a native Linux release of Kingdom Come: Deliverance at #launch. The same goes for Mac as well.

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We have been in contact with the developer for a while now. But any real news regarding native support has been off the record’ish. Details that are best outlined by Warhorse themselves.

The next step is to focus on finalizing the quests and tuning the script, optimization as well as bug fixing. To guarantee a high quality throughout the entire game, we made a tough decision to cancel some elements to the game, including the following:

  • Support for Mac and Linux platforms at launch

For those of your that do not know, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is in development using CryEngine. Now if you keep with what’s happening regarding Crytek and Linux. One of those updates over the past couple of months had to do with Vulkan. While API support is to be in development starting mid-November.
It is not really a surprise to see Warhorse releasing such news. Given the risk of launch day platform support while trying create a positive player feedback. And hopefully creating enough of an opportunity to capture technical improvements to the engine.

Hence this is not a cancellation. Having that delayed release for further platform support is nothing new. We have seen this countless times. Too many in fact.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a highly anticipated title. And the release will be available on Windows PC, Playstation 4 and XBox One in 2017.

Technically we had this news back in September. But knowone likes straight up bad news. So we apologise for NOT releasing the details. In our defense we did hold off in favour of a more positive update. Alas.