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Kingdom Eighties takes to summer camp

kingdom eighties micro-strategy and base building game takes to summer camp on linux mac windows pc

Kingdom Eighties micro-strategy and base building game takes to summer camp on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The work from Fury Studios is a mesmerizing blend of creativity and entertainment. Due to launch on Steam this month.

Get ready to have an awesome time ruling this summer. Raw Fury just announced that Kingdom Eighties, the next title in the popular micro-strategy series, will be launching on June 26, 2023. Linux players can try out a free demo during Steam Next Fest, happening from June 19th to June 26th.

Kingdom Eighties takes you back to the nostalgic days of summer camps, riding bikes, and hanging out in your pajamas in front of the TV on Saturday mornings. You play as the Leader, a young camp counselor who has to protect the town from the attacks of a mysterious group, the Greed. Along the way, you’ll meet new friends who will help you on your quest. There’s the Champ, who is strong and can fight off enemies. Also the Tinkerer, who is great at fixing things, and the Wiz, who has magical powers.

Kingdom Eighties is an epic micro-strategy and base building adventure where you create your own kingdom. You can recruit other kids from the neighborhood to help you out. Some of them can be soldiers to protect your kingdom. While others can be builders to construct new buildings. You’ll also need coins to build and expand your kingdom. You can fortify it by putting up walls and defensive turrets. As you explore, you’ll unlock new mounts to ride on, powerful weapons, and technology upgrades. But watch out! When night falls, the Greed will attack, so you have to be prepared to defend your kingdom. If you lose, the whole town is in trouble!

Kingdom Eighties | Date Announcement Trailer

Kingdom Eighties is for both longtime fans and newcomers can enjoy. The story will guide you through the mechanics. So even if you’re new to the series, you’ll have a great time. You’ll also get to explore new urban locations that have never been seen in a Kingdom game. Imagine going to a skateboard park, visiting shops on Main Street, and saving the New Lands Mall from the Greed.

Kingdom Eighties has a really unique and stylish look with its pixel art and ’80s neon feel. Plus, the soundtrack by Andreas Hald will take you back to the ’80s, riding bike and having fun at summer camp. It’s a game that captures the spirit of that time when anything seemed possible.

If you’re excited about Kingdom Eighties, you can add it to your Wishlist on Steam. Get ready for the micro-strategy and base building to take on summer. The Demo is coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC on June 26th.

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  • oli
    Jun 10, 2023 3:58 pm

    Niceeeeeeeeeee I spent hundreds of hours on the previous games 🙂

    • Todd B.
      Jun 10, 2023 4:31 pm

      I’ll admit, I admire the commitment.

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