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Kingdom of Knights by Indie Development Team Animus Interactive on Kickstarter

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Kingdom of Knights, the new massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game for PC, Mac and Linux by Indie developers Animus Interactive seeks additional backers for its Kickstarter campaign to bring the game to the end of its development cycle.

Animus Interactive launched its Kickstarter Project on August the 27th to fund its new video-game title, Kingdom of Knights but is still searching for further backing. Kickstarter is an open and public project funding platform through the Internet on which users can submit support in the form of funds to projects for any reward or additional benefits the project team is willing to offer. In return, the project team gains the money they need to complete the project. People that back a project are therefore called backers.

Kingdom of Knights is set to be a massively multi-player online real-time strategy game that will launch on PC, Mac and Linux and will feature cross platform play. Players will be able to control and command their troops manually leading to a greater element of strategic play. In Kingdom of Knights, players will be able to create their own kingdom, forge alliances and destroy their enemies as they see fit in a bid to become the greatest lord of Avalon. The game promises to feature several key warfare elements, including siege warfare, skirmishes and castle-building.

Kingdom of Knights will be launching as a free to play title, making use of an in game model of purchase that will allow players to buy aesthetics such as banners for their castle and army and different unit types to use in battle. These units will be carefully balanced so as to not provide an unfair advantage, all units will be counter-able with free to obtain units at launch.

Potential players can also sign up for the early access testing phase of Kingdom of Knights on the main website.

Animus Interactive is searching for additional financial support to bring the game to a complete and playable state through the aid of so-called backers from kickstarter. Those who are interested in becoming a potential backer can follow this link to Animus Interactive’s kickstarter project. Special offers for backers include exclusive in-game rewards such as banners, extra store credit, posters, t-shirts and more.

For more information, you can visit the official website at, or contact Animus Interactive’s Public Relations Manager.

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